New publication on ASEAN@50, Southeast Asia @ Risk: What should be done?

On January 16, 2018, in College, Opinions/Editorials, Outreach, Workshop, by APCSS Editor

In October 2017, the Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies co-hosted a workshop on “ASEAN @50, Southeast Asia @ Risk:  What should be done?”  The result of the two days of Australia-Singapore-US policy trialogue is a new publication outlining the group’s recommendations. The Southeast Asia Program and the U.S.-Asia Security Initiative in the […]

New OpEd on US-China Relations published

On January 10, 2018, in College, Faculty, Faculty Articles, McDonald, Opinions/Editorials, by APCSS Editor

“Forthcoming Asia Strategy Should Avoid Second-handed Pitfalls” is a new OpEd published by DKI APCSS military professor and U.S. Marine Corp Lt. Col. Scott D. McDonald by The National Interest. In this OpEd, McDonald states that “whether discussing military tactics and strategy, economic policy, or diplomacy, the narrative in the United States is one of […]

Prof. Nankivell’s latest article on Japanese Maritime Assistance

DKI APCSS’ Professor Kerry Lynn Nankivell has a new article that explains why Japan’s institutional and political contexts deter unilateralism and militarism, even as Japan expands its maritime security capacity to deal with the new strategic realities. “Japanese Maritime Assistance: A Status Quo Plus” was published by the National Bureau of Asian Research’s Maritime Awareness […]

OpEd on US Options with N. Korea

Dr. Bill Wieninger recently co-authored an OpEd on N. Korea for Time magazine with Rep. Ted Lieu entitled: “President Trump’s Threats Against North Korea Put the World in Danger.” The OpEd was published in the Ideas section of Time magazine’s website. In the OpEd, the authors recommend a peaceful solution and points to historical examples […]

OpEd: Tracking Malaysia’s Force Build-up in the South China Sea

On October 18, 2017, in College, Faculty, Independent Faculty Articles, Opinions/Editorials, Vuving, by APCSS Editor

Dr. Alex Vuving has a new opinion piece entitled “Tracking Malaysia’s Force Build-up in the South China Sea,” on cogitASIA, a blog of the CSIS Asia Program. Here’s an excerpt from that article: The declining trend in Malaysia’s defense outlay was halted in 2013. That year, Malaysia was shocked when China staged a naval exercise […]

OpEd: China and India: The Roots of Hostility

On September 12, 2017, in College, External Publications, Faculty, Faculty Articles, Malik, Opinions/Editorials, by APCSS Editor

Dr. Mohan Malik has a new opinion piece entitled “China and India: The Roots of Hostility” by The Diplomat. His article looks at roots of conflict between China and India, which, he states, pre-dates Beijing’s recent acquisition of economic and military power and have deepened in recent years. Malik states: “An understanding of Chinese perceptions […]

North Korea Policy: Changed Regime

On August 30, 2017, in College, External Publications, Faculty, Minnich, Opinions/Editorials, by APCSS Editor

“North Korea Policy: Changed Regime” is the latest article published by Military Review by DKI APCSS associate dean and senior military professor Col. James M. Minnich, U.S. Army. According to Minnich, “The denuclearization of North Korea has been a failed policy objective of the United States and South Korea for twenty-five years. Missteps, hubris, and […]

Ensuring Freedom of the Seas for the next U.S. Administration – Cmdr. Jonathan G. Odom

On January 17, 2017, in College, Faculty, Odom, Opinions/Editorials, by APCSS Editor

Commander Jonathan G. Odom, a military professor at the Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies, has a new OpEd published by The National Interest entitled “How Trump Can Make America Navigate Again: How can the next administration ensure freedom of the seas?” In this editorial, Odom provides six concrete steps the new U.S. presidential […]

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