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APCSS faculty conduct research about Asia-Pacific security issues in support of the Center’s mission. Some of their work, analyzing middle- to long-range Asia-Pacific security issues and their potential implications for the United States, is published by the Center. The publications aim to advance the regional discourse on security, and to provide useful analysis and information for the U.S. policy-making community, as well as for security analysts and practitioners in other Asia-Pacific countries. The publications program also supports the philosophy and mission of the Center by: enriching the curriculum, continuing alumni education, and creating exchange opportunities with counterpart institutions and libraries throughout the region.


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DKI APCSS Publications (2004-current):



DKI APCSS Faculty Opinion/Editorials

Faculty Publications – A list sorted by author

Edited Volumes

oceania-book-cover_smaRegionalism, Security & Cooperation in Oceania– Edited by Rouben Azizian and Carleton Cramer (2015) Individual Chapters


 From APEC 2011 to APEC 2012: American and Russian Perspectives on Asia-Pacific Security and Cooperation – Rouben Azizian and Artyom Lukin (2012)


Science, Technology & Security coverThe Interface of Science, Technology & Security: Areas of Most concern, Now and Ahead Workshop Proceeding Edited by Virginia Bacay Watson (2010)


Issues for Engagement: Asian Perspectives on Transnational Security Challenges – David Fouse, ed. (2010) Individual Chapters
Ethnic Diasporas & Great Power Strategies in Asia -Robert Wirsing & Rouben Azizan (2007)
Russia, America and Security in the Asia-Pacific Rim – Rouben Azizian (2007)
A Turning Point: Democratic Consolidation in the ROK and Strategic Readjustment in the US-ROK Alliance – Alexandre Y. Mansourov (Sep. 2005)
Bytes And Bullets: Information Technology Revolution and National Security on the Korean Peninsula – Alexandre Y. Mansourov (Aug. 2005)
Religious Radicalism and Security in South Asia – Satu Limaye, Robert Wirsing and Mohan Malik (Spring 2004)
Growth & Governance in Asia – Yoichiro Sato (2004)
The Asia Pacific: A Region in Transition – Jim Rolfe (2004)
Security in Oceania in the 21st Century – Eric Shibuya and Jim Rolfe (2003)

Brief Analytical Reports

Mongolia’s Counter-Terrorism Architecture: Implications for Domestic Development and Foreign Partnership – Dr. Jeffrey Reeves (2014)
Best Practices Crossing the Pacific: Security Sector Development from the Andes to Asia – Dr. Justin Nankivell (2014)
Exploring Resource Security Policy and Green Science & Technology in Asia – Dr. Virginia Bacay Watson (2014)
DKI APCSS Faculty Contribute to Joint Report on Disaster Preparedness – Dr. Ear, Dr. Fouse and Dr. Hornung (2013)
Japan’s 2010 National Defense Program Guidelines: Coping with the “Grey Zones – Dr. David Fouse, ed. (2011)
“How Soft Power Works” – Dr. Alexander Vuving (09/09)
“India-China Relations” – Dr. Mohan Malik (06/09)
“Governance in China in 2010” – Elizabeth Van Wie Davis (03/09)
“Still an ’Excellent Relationship: Australian-American Relations in Testing Times” – William T. Tow (2/08)
Uyghur Muslim Separatism in Xinjiang, China – Dr. Elizabeth Van Wie Davis (1/08)
Southeast Asian Receptiveness to Japanese Maritime Security Cooperation- Dr. Yoshiro Sato (9/07)
Japan’s Dispatch of the Ground Self Defense Force to Iraq: Lessons Learned – Dr. David Fouse (7/07)
Ethnic Separatism in Southern Thailand: Kingdom Fraying at the Edge? -Dr. Ian Storey – (3(07)
Spotlight On Indus River Diplomacy: India, Pakistan, And The Baglihar Dam Dispute  – Robert G. Wirsing and Christopher Jasparro – (5/06)
Lukewarm Partner: Chinese Support For U.S. Counter-terrorism in Southeast Asia – Dr. Denny Roy (3/06)
Enhancing Basic Governance: Japan’s Comprehensive Counterterrorism Assistance To Southeast Asia – Dr. David Fouse, Dr. Yoichiro Sato (2/06)
China and the East Asian Summit: More Discord than Accord – Dr. Mohan Malik (2/06)
Taiwan Strait Update: Crisis Deferred – Dr. Denny Roy (2/06)
China and Nuclear Nonproliferation – Dr. Denny Roy (2/06)
ROK’s Nuclear Experiments: A Successful Case of Alliance Management – Dr. Steven Kim (3/05)
Japan’s FY 2005 National Defense Program Outline:  New Concepts, Old Compromises – Dr. David Fouse (3/05)
Pakistan’s Transformation: Why It Will Not (and Need Not) Happen – Dr. Robert G. Wirsing (1/05)
Regional Reverberations from Regime Shake-up in Rangoon – Dr. Mohan Malik (1/05)
Trouble in Thailand’s Muslim South: Separatism, not Global Terrorism – Dr. Anthony L. Smith (12/04)
Civil-Military Integration and Chinese Military Modernization – Dr. Richard Bitzinger (12/04)
Defense Transformation and the Asia Pacific: Implications for Regional Militaries – Mr. Richard Bitzinger (10/04)
Challenges to Transforming Asian-Pacific Militaries – Dr. Richard Bitzinger (10/04)
Indonesia’s April 2004 Parliamentary Elections: Implications for Presidential Elections and Policies – Dr. Anthony L. Smith (7/04)
Malaysia’s 2004 Elections: Mahathir’s Successor Succeeds – Dr. Anthony L. Smith (4/04)
U.S.-Taiwan Arms Sales: The Perils of Doing Business with Friends – Dr. Denny Roy (4/04)
Taipei’s Arms Procurement Dilemma: Implications for Defending Taiwan – Mr. Richard Bitzinger (4/04)
The Asia-Pacific Arms Market: Emerging Capabilities, Emerging Concerns – Mr. Richard Bitzinger (3/04)
China and the Korean Peninsula – Dr. Denny Roy (1/04)

Occasional Paper Series

Communication and Strategy Development – Dr. Herman F. Finley, Jr. (02/15)
The US-Japan Alliance Confronts the Anti-Access and Area Denial Challenge:  Toward Building Capacity, Cooperation and Information Sharing in the Western Pacific – Dr. David Fouse (01/15)
Vietnam, the United States, and Japan in the South China SeaDr. Alex Vuving (11/14)
State Water Resource Competition and the Resulting Consequences of Diminished Water Supply – Mr. Mitchell L. Gildea (10/14)
Balance within the Rebalance: The Supporting Role of the U.S. Military in the Asia-Pacific Region – Col. Bryan Truesdell 06/14
The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation: A Tenable Provider of Security in Post-2014 Central Asia? – Dr. Jeffrey Reeves (06/14)
How Soft Power works – Dr. Alexander Vuving (9/09)
U.S. Security Policy in South Asia Since 9/11 – Challenges and Implications for the Future – Polly Nayak (2/05)
China’s Rise in Asia – Promises, Prospects and Implications for the United States – Robert G. Sutter (2/05)
The Roots and Implications of East Asian Regionalism – Dr. John Miller (9/04)
Back to the Future: The Congress Party’s Upset Victory in India’s 14th General Elections – Dr. Arun R.Swamy (6/04)
Cross-Strait Economic Relations: Opportunities Outweigh Risks – Dr. Denny Roy (4/04)
The Outlier: Japan Between Asia and the West – Dr. John Miller (3/04)
Japan’s Post-Cold War North Korea Policy – Dr. David Fouse (2/04)

Independent Faculty Research

 Prompt Global Strike: China and the Spear – Dr. Lora Saalman

Special Assessment Series

The Asia-Pacific and the United States 2004-2005 – Dr. Satu Limaye (ed.) April 2005 Individual Chapters

Asia’s Bilateral Relations – Dr. Satu Limaye (ed.) October 2004 Individual Chapters Complete Document

Alumni Perspectives

Effective Strategic Communication in Countering Radicalism in Indonesia – Mr. Irfan Abubakar (2016)

Empowerment of Smaller Powers in South Asian Security Cooperation – Pradeep Kumar (2016)

Cost-effective Maritime Security Cooperation – Cmdr. Zeeshan Kareem (2015)

Engagement of Malaysia and Indonesia on Counterinsurgency in the South of Thailand – Wassana Nanuam (2015)

Empowering Cambodian Women’s Full Participation in Defense and Security Sectors – Lt. Col. Vanndy Piv (2015)

Enhancing the Role of Women in Indonesia to Counter Terrorism – Ms. Lisa R. Wulan (2015)

Empowering Indonesia’s Local Seafarers to Contain Smuggling – Kris Mada (2014)

Developing the Human Resource Potential of South Asia – Fozia Fayyaz (2014)

A Relationship of Convenience: The Russo-Chinese Strategic Partnership – Amanda Lamothe-Cadet (2014)

Tackling Corruption in Transnational Defense Procurement: Problems of Identification and Attribution – Prakash Praveen Siddharth (2014)

Alumni Perspectives on Maritime Security Cooperation – Dr. Sithara Fernando (2014)

Crisis in Ukraine and the Implications for the Asia-Pacific -Maj.  John Rodgers (2014)

External Publications

Annual Reports

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