This Saturday, March 8, is International Women’s Day.  APCSS is proud to play a leading role in U.S. contributions to Women Peace and Security (WPS) efforts.  This effort is a priority because it makes so much sense. It always has, but especially so in an era when security threats are broad and complex, involving not just the military or police, but whole of government, whole of society and a wide range of skills and interests.  As a participant in our Inclusion workshop said, “It’s not about adding women to the security sector – women are already there.”  It’s about recognizing and maximizing the role everyone plays so we are all contributing to greater stability and security in the region.

We have more to do, but emphasis on greater inclusion of women in our courses and workshops is already paying off.  Our last ASC course (ASC 14-1 ‘Ohana as they labeled themselves) was 28% female.  We’ve seen a steady climb in the percentage of women in all of our programs.   It’s not just about the numbers, but about the richness of discussion with these additional viewpoints.  The Fellows Projects on WPS leverages their participation by addressing topics in unique ways, and stimulating thinking about the security sector as a whole.

A recent APCSS alumna posted a quotation on her Facebook page, “The power of a determined woman knows no limits.” I take a little issue with that and would reword it this way: “The power of a determined woman or man knows no limits.  The power of determined women and men, working together, can change the World!”   Mahalo!




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One Response to Director’s Vector: APCSS plays a leading role in Women, Peace and Security efforts

  1. I emphasis your speech and say congratulation the women’s day for all women in allover the word, specially for those women that they are living in such a complex situation like Afghanistan.

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