Innovations at APCSS

Expanded ET/IT and audiences

APCSS has made implementing Education Technology (ET)/ Information Technology (IT) a priority. We are currently testing new technology to enhance the education experience here. Click here to read more…

Facility Upgrades

APCSS continues to enhance the learning environment with facility upgrades. Click here to learn more about our latest project…

Partnered Outreach Events

APCSS staff and faculty routinely travel throughout the Asia-Pacific region to conduct mini-courses, conferences and research that address specific needs identified by host nation and U.S. Embassy officials. These Outreach Events are co-hosted with various host nation academic or research organizations. Outreach events have been held in Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nepal and more. See our News section for more information…

Joint Research/Publication Efforts

APCSS continues to partner with other regional academic institutes and think tanks. In addition to Outreach events, our faculty is partnering with other academics on joint research and publication efforts. The most recent result was the joint publication of “Russia, America, and Security in the Asia-Pacific” with Russia’s Far Eastern National University in Vladivostok. Published in both Russian and English, it represents both U.S. and Russian perspectives on key issues in the region. Click here to read more…

Subject Matter Expert Sharing

Faculty members travel to conferences and other organizations around the world to share their knowledge and gain insights from other leading academics. In addition, APCSS invites Subject Matter Experts from around the region to be guest speakers for courses and outreach events. Click here to read more…

Virtual exchanges via web-based portals

Various portals are currently being used, revised or developed to enhance lifelong learning for APCSS Fellows and Alumni. Our portals are also building information sharing networks to help prepare for crisis response, share information during responses and lessons learned afterwards. For more information log on to the Asia-Pacific Collaborative Security Consortium (APCSC) at


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