Global Security Trends And U.S.-China Defense Relations

July 1-2, 1998

The Global Security Trends and U.S.-China Defense Relations conference, held in Honolulu, Hawaii, July 1-2, 1998, was sponsored by the Preventive Defense Project, with the Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies providing coordination support. The Preventive Defense Project, a research collaboration of Stanford and Harvard Universities, brought together 30 participants from China and the United States. Heads of the delegations included Mr. Wang Dao-Han, Senior Consultant to China Foundation for International and Strategic Studies and Dr. William Perry, former U.S. Secretary of Defense.

The purpose of the conference was to have candid, unofficial dialogue and exchange of ideas with senior security experts from the U.S. and China on how to enhance and deepen the Sino-U.S. relationship in the security sphere. The conference was a follow-up to meetings between members of the Preventive Defense Project and Chinese leaders. Topics addressed such issues as: Global Security Trends; Strategic and Military Trends; Balancing Political, Economic, and Defense Interests in the U.S.-China Relationship; South Asian Security; The Taiwan Issue in U.S.-China Relations; U.S.-China Defense Relations; Perspectives on Security in the East Asia Pacific Region; and Possibilities for Advancing U.S.-China Security in the Future.