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Welcome to Alumni News. The Alumni Program provides a forum for former graduates and faculty to maintain contact with the Center and with each other. We maintain a data base of all graduates and former faculty members to help you stay connected with APCSS and each other. Additionally, we provide information on the whereabouts of our alumni to our Center director and deputy director so they may meet with you socially during their travels throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

Update your personal data.  John Gasner is the Chief of Alumni Affairs. We encourage you to update us frequently on promotions, changes to duty position and address, and other significant personal and professional events or accomplishments you feel will interest your fellow alumni. If you are a graduate of the College of Security Studies and have not received our products, please contact us.

Alumni Team Contact Information:  
Chief of Alumni Affairs: Mr. John Gasner (808) 971-8981
Deputy Chief of Alumni Affairs  (808) 564-5092
Alumni Operations (808)-564-5078
Records Manager: (808) 564-5077
Information Manager: (808) 564-5077
Branch FAX number: (808) 971-8920
Branch email address: AlumniDivision@apcss.org


Useful links: Need to research a military topic? Try utilizing the Military Education and Research Library Network or MERLN. MERLN offers the combined resource of the largest and most comp comprehensive collections of military information resources in the world. This web browser provides access to the military educational libraries in the United States and worldwide. Click to enter the MERLN web page.

With APCSS Link, you can maintain existing contacts from the course you attended and develop new relationships with participants from all APCSS courses and conferences held.  Asia Pacific Access Network gives you a one stop location for the latest news, conferences, on-line courses, and plans/exercises for the region. All are welcome. Just register once and take advantage of the many resources that are provided.

U.S. Geological Survey (international): http://pasadena.wr.usgs.gov/shake/ous/index.html Center of Excellence in Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance Feedback If you have any specific knowledge of a natural disaster in your area, and related possible needs, you can pass it to us and we will forward it to USPACOM action officers. As part of our “Ohana-family” network, your first-hand, or even second-hand knowledge about the extent of the disaster could be critical in providing possible relief support.


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