Comprehensive Security Responses to Terrorism

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CSRT Collection as of 31 January 2012 (171 items) Listed by Call Number, Title, Author

BP109 .Q7 1998, al-Qurʼān al-karīm : wa-tarjamat maʻānīhi ilá al-lughah al-Inkilīzīyah = The Noble Qurʼan : English translation of the meanings and commentary by Muhammad Taqî-ud-Dîn Al-Hilâlî and Muhammad Muhsin Khân.

BP166.8 .C65 2005, Contemporary Muslim apocalyptic literature by David Cook.

BP169 .M28 2004, The trouble with Islam : a Muslim’s call for reform in her faith by Irshad Manji.

BP172 .A36 2002, Beyond veil and holy war : Islamic teachings and Muslim practices with Biblical comparisons by Saleem Ahmed.

BP182 .B73 2009, Global jihadism : theory and practice by Jarret M. Brachman.

BP605 .O88 L54 1999, Destroying the world to save it : Aum Shinrikyō, apocalyptic violence, and the the new global terrorism by Robert Jay Lifton.

DS119.7 .T53 2004, Preachers of hate : Islam and the war on America by Kenneth R. Timmerman.

DS371.2 .C63 2004, Ghost wars : the secret history of the CIA, Afghanistan, and bin Laden, from the Soviet invasion to September 10, 2001 by Steve Coll.

DS371.2 .R367 2000, Taliban : militant Islam, oil, and fundamentalism in Central Asia by Ahmed Rashid.

DS371.4 .R37 2008, Descent into chaos : the United States and the failure of nation building in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Central Asia by Ahmed Rashid.

DS371.414 .M33 2004, The interrogators : inside the secret war against Al Qaeda by Chris Mackey and Greg Miller.

DS485 .K27 J55 2003, Jihadis in Jammu and Kashmir : a portrait gallery by K. Santhanam et al.

DS597 .N27 2002, Counterinsurgency lessons from Malaya and Vietnam : learning to eat soup with a knife by John A. Nagl.

HD61 .T875 2003, Threat assessment : a risk management approach by James T. Turner, Michael G. Gelles.

HV5800 .W64 2010, World Drug Report 2010.

HV5801 .B49 2005, Traffick : the illicit movement of people and things by Gargi Bhattacharyya.

HV5801 .I575 1992, International handbook on drug control edited by Scott B. MacDonald and Bruce Zagaris.

HV6001 .J65 2009, Crime, war, and global trafficking : designing international cooperation by Christine Jojarth.

HV6252 .C65 2001, Combating transnational crime : concepts, activities, and responses edited by Phil Williams, Dimitri Vlassis.

HV6252 .C755 2009, Crime and the global political economy edited by H. Richard Friman.

HV6252 .I448 2005, Illicit flows and criminal things : states, borders, and the other side of globalization edited by Willem van Schendel and Itty Abraham.

HV6252 .I45 1999, The illicit global economy and state power edited by H. Richard Friman and Peter Andreas.

HV6252 .T734 2002, Transnational organized crime and international security : business as usual? edited by Mats Berdal and Mónica Serrano.

HV6322.7 .S49 2010, MARO : mass atrocity response operations : a military planning handbook by primary authors: Sarah Sewall, Dwight Raymond, Sally Chin.

HV6430 .A23 L53 2008, Architect of global jihad : the life of al-Qaida strategist Abu Musʻab al-Suri by Brynjar Lia.

HV6430 .B55 B47 2002, Holy war, Inc. : inside the secret world of Osama bin Laden by Peter L. Bergen.

HV6430 .B55 S34 2006, Through our enemies’ eyes : Osama bin Laden, radical Islam, and the future of America by Michael Scheuer.

HV6430 .Z37 B7513 2005, Zarqawi : the new face of Al-Qaeda by Jean-Charles Brisard with Damien Martinez.

HV6431 .A4613 2008, Al Qaeda in its own words by edited by Gilles Kepel and Jean-Pierre Milelli.

HV6431 .A47 2006, Al Qaeda training manual.

HV6431 .A48 2002 VOL.1, The Al-Qaeda documents.

HV6431 .A48 2002 VOL.2, The Al-Qaeda documents.

HV6431 .A48 2002 VOL.3, The Al-Qaeda documents.

HV6431 .A757 2008, Armed groups : studies in national security, counterterrorism, and counterinsurgency by Jeffrey H. Norwitz, editor.

HV6431 .A826 2009, The de-radicalization of Jihadists : transforming armed Islamist movements by Omar Ashour.

HV6431 .A865 L63 2005, Local Jihad : radical Islam and terrorism in Indonesia by Greg Fealy and Aldo Borgu.

HV6431 .B4794 2003, Terror and liberalism by Paul Berman.

HV6431 .B87 2004, Al-Qaeda : the true story of radical islam by Jason Burke.

HV6431 .B963 2008, The five front war : the better way to fight global jihad by Daniel Byman.

HV6431 .C378 2007, Hide & seek : intelligence, law enforcement, and the stalled war on terrorist finance by John A. Cassara.

HV6431 .C69185 2008, Countering the financing of terrorism edited by Thomas J. Biersteker and Sue E. Eckert.

HV6431 .C724 2005, Dissuading terror : strategic influence and the struggle against terrorism by Kim Cragin, Scott Gerwehr.

HV6431 .C725 2004, The dynamic terrorist threat : an assessment of group motivations and capabilities in a changing world by Kim Cragin, Sara A. Daly.

HV6431 .C73 2003, Terrorism & development : using social and economic development to inhibit a resurgence of terrorism by Kim Cragin, Peter Chalk.

HV6431 .C756 2011, Explaining terrorism : causes, processes, and consequences by Martha Crenshaw.

HV6431 .C766 2009, How terrorism ends : understanding the decline and demise of terrorist campaigns by Audrey Kurth Cronin.

HV6431 .C77 2010, Managing terrorism and insurgency : regeneration, recruitment and attrition by Cameron I. Crouch.

HV6431 .D3 2002, Deterrence & influence in counterterrorism : a component in the war on al Qaeda by Paul K. Davis, Brian Michael Jenkins.

HV6431 .D466 2010, Deradicalizing Islamist extremists by Angel Rabasa et al.

HV6431 .E394 2003, Funding evil : how terrorism is financed– and how to stop it by Rachel Ehrenfeld.

HV6431 .E487 2006, Emergent information technologies and enabling policies for counter terrorism by Robert L. Popp, John Yen, editors.

HV6431 .E76 2002, Unholy war : terror in the name of Islam by John L. Esposito.

HV6431 .F53 2006, The fight for legitimacy : democracy vs. terrorism by Cindy R. Jebb et al.

HV6431 .F88 2000, The future of terrorism edited by Max. Taylor and John Horgan.

HV6431 .G463 2003, The geographical dimensions of terrorism edited by Susan L. Cutter, Douglas B. Richardson, and Thomas J. Wilbanks.

HV6431 .G566 2004, Globalisation and the new terror : the Asia Pacific dimension edited by David Martin Jones.

HV6431 .G75 2008, Terrorism in perspective by Sue Mahan, Pamala L. Griset.

HV6431 .G853 2003, Inside Al Qaeda : global network of terror by Rohan Gunaratna.

HV6431 .H365 2000, Terrorism today by Christopher C. Harmon.

HV6431 .H37 2011, Toward a grand strategy against terrorism by Christopher C. Harmon, Andrew N. Pratt, Sebastian Gorka.

HV6431 .H378 2004, Nonviolent response to terrorism by Tom H. Hastings.

HV6431 .H558 2008, The United States, Russia, and China : confronting global terrorism and security challenges in the 21st century edited by Paul J. Bolt, Su Changhe, and Sharyl Cross.

HV6431 .H626 2006, Inside terrorism by Bruce Hoffman.

HV6431 .H668 2009, Walking away from terrorism : accounts of disengagement from radical and extremist movements by John Horgan.

HV6431 .J28 2005 VOL.1, Aptitude for destruction by Brian A. Jackson et al.

HV6431 .J28 2005 VOL.2, Aptitude for destruction by Brian A. Jackson et al.

HV6431 .J6 2004 NO.11, Terrorism forecasting : a web-based methodology by Sundri K. Khalsa.

HV6431 .J6 2004 VOL. 13, Global war on terrorism : analyzing the strategic threat by Russell Swenson, editor.

HV6431 .K316 2006, Countering terrorism and WMD : creating a global counter-terrorism network edited by Peter Katona, Michael D. Intriligator and John P. Sullivan.

HV6431 .L35 1999, The new terrorism : fanaticism and the arms of mass destruction by Walter Laqueur.

HV6431 .L424 2009, Leaving terrorism behind : individual and collective disengagement edited by Tore Bjørgo and John Horgan.

HV6431 .L63 2008, Creating young martyrs : conditions that make dying in a terrorist attack seem like a good idea by Alice LoCicero and Samuel J. Sinclair.

HV6431 .L88 2008, Global terrorism by James M. Lutz and Brenda J. Lutz.

HV6431 .M353 2006 V.1, The making of a terrorist : recruitment, training, and root causes edited by James J. F. Forest.

HV6431 .M353 2006 V.2, The making of a terrorist : recruitment, training, and root causes edited by James J. F. Forest.

HV6431 .M353 2006 V.3, The making of a terrorist : recruitment, training, and root causes edited by James J. F. Forest.

HV6431 .M354 2002, Making the nation safer : the role of science and technology in countering terrorism by Committee on Science and Technology for Countering Terrorism, National Research Council.

HV6431 .M367 2003, Understanding terrorism : challenges, perspectives, and issues by Gus Martin.

HV6431 .M444 2009, Combating jihadism : American hegemony and interstate cooperation in the War on Terrorism by Barak Mendelsohn.

HV6431 .M633 2008, The globalization of martyrdom : Al Qaeda, Salafi Jihad, and the diffusion of suicide attacks by Assaf Moghadam.

HV6431 .M752 2002, Masters of terror : Indonesia’s military & violence in East Timor in 1999 by Hamish McDonald et al.

HV6431 .M8746 2009, Small boats, weak states, dirty money : piracy & maritime terrorism in the modern world by Martin N. Murphy.

HV6431 .N365 2003, The terrorist recognition handbook : a manual for predicting and identifying terrorist activities by Malcolm W. Nance.

HV6431 .N3653 2008, Terrorist recognition handbook : a practitioner’s manual for predicting and identifying terrorist activities by Malcolm W. Nance.

HV6431 .N382 2004, Terrorism : reducing vulnerabilities and improving responses : U.S.-Russian Workshop proceedings by Committee on Counterterrorism Challenges for Russia and the United States, Office for Central Europe and Eurasia Development, Security, and Cooperation Policy and Global Affairs, in cooperation with the Russian Academy of Sciences, National Research Council of the National Academies

HV6431 .N482 2005, Networks, terrorism and global insurgency by Robert J. Bunker, editor.

HV6431 .N74 2008, Global cooperation in combating terrorism by Sukhvinder Kaur Multani.

HV6431 .O54 2005, Insurgency & terrorism : from revolution to apocalypse by Bard E. O’Neill.

HV6431 .P56 2003, Terrorism and U.S. foreign policy by Paul R. Pillar.

HV6431 .P565 2009, Pirates, terrorists, and warlords : the history, influence, and future of armed groups around the world edited by Jeffrey H. Norwitz.

HV6431 .P798 2002, The psychology of terrorism edited by Chris E. Stout.

HV6431 .R52 2004, A time bomb for global trade : maritime-related terrorism in an age of weapons of mass destruction by Michael Richardson.

HV6431 .R625 2007, Brave new war : the next stage of terrorism and the end of globalization by John Robb.

HV6431 .R66 2005, Root causes of terrorism : myths, reality and ways forward edited by Tore Bjørgo.

HV6431 .R665 2006, The roots of terrorism edited by Louise Richardson.

HV6431 .S227 2008, Leaderless jihad : terror networks in the twenty-first century by Marc Sageman.

HV6431 .S23 2004, Understanding terror networks by Marc Sageman.

HV6431 .S3786 2010, Science and technology of terrorism and counterterrorism edited by Tushar K. Ghosh et al.

HV6431 .S556 2006, Female suicide bombers by Rosemarie Skaine.

HV6431 .S558 2000, Beating international terrorism : an action strategy for preemption and punishment by Stephen Sloan.

HV6431 .S6415 2008, The terrorism ahead : confronting transnational violence in the twenty-first century by Paul J. Smith.

HV6431 .S74 2001, The ultimate terrorists by Jessica Stern.

HV6431 .S744 2004, Counterterrorism : a reference handbook by Graeme C.S. Steven and Rohan Gunaratna.

HV6431 .T4594 2003, Terrorism : a documentary history compiled by Bruce Maxwell.

HV6431 .T4654 2007, Terrorism financing and state responses : a comparative perspective edited by Jeanne K. Giraldo and Harold A. Trinkunas.

HV6431 .T53 1988, Terrorist group profiles.

HV6431 .T575 2010, An intellectual history of terror : war, violence and the state by Mikkel Thorup.

HV6431 .T68 2000, Toxic terror : assessing terrorist use of chemical and biological weapons editor, Jonathan B. Tucker.

HV6431 .V45 2003, The al-Qaeda threat : an analytical guide to al-Qaeda’s tactics & targets by Ben Venzke and Aimee Ibrahim.

HV6431 .W14 2007, Fighting the war of ideas like a real war : messages to defeat the terrorists by J. Michael Waller.

HV6431 .W48 2003, Terrorism : an introduction by Jonathan R. White.

HV6431 .W564 2006, Terrorism versus democracy : the liberal state response by Paul Wilkinson.

HV6431 .W635 2002, Worlds in collision : terror and the future of global order by edited by Kim Booth and Tim Dunne.

HV6432 .A88 2004, Attacking terrorism : elements of a grand strategy by Audrey Kurth Cronin and James M. Ludes, editors.

HV6432 .B625 2008, Terror and consent : the wars for the twenty-first century by Philip Bobbitt.

HV6432 .C53 2004, Against all enemies : inside America’s war on terror by Richard A. Clarke.

HV6432 .D435 2004, Defeating terrorism : shaping the new security environment edited by Russell D. Howard, Reid L. Sawyer.

HV6432 .E34 2007, The Economic Costs and Consequences of Terrorism.

HV6432 .E44 2003, American jihad : the terrorists living among us by Steven Emerson.

HV6432 .F58 2004, America the vulnerable : how our government is failing to protect us from terrorism by Stephen Flynn.

HV6432 .H65 2004, Homeland security 04/05 by Thomas J. Badey, editor.

HV6432 .H69 2001, How did this happen? : terrorism and the new war edited by James F. Hoge, Jr., and Gideon Rose.

HV6432 .H7 2002, Who becomes a terrorist and why : the 1999 government report on profiling terrorists by Rex A. Hudson, and the staff of the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress.

HV6432 .H72 2006, Homeland security and terrorism : readings and interpretations edited by Russell D. Howard, James J.F. Forest, Joanne C. Moore.

HV6432 .I47 2004, Imperial hubris : why the West is losing the war on terror by Anonymous.

HV6432 .K36 2006, The McGraw-Hill homeland security handbook by David G. Kamien, editor.

HV6432 .M54 2002, The cell : inside the 9/11 plot and why the FBI and CIA failed to stop it by John Miller and Michael Stone, with Chris Mitchell.

HV6432 .N38 2003, Information technology for counterterrorism : immediate actions and future possibilities by Committee on the Role of Information Technology in Responding to Terrorism, Computer Science and Telecommunications Board, National Research Council of the National Academies. John L. Hennessy, David A. Patterson, and Herbert S. Lin, editors.

HV6432 .P77 2006, Protecting the homeland, 2006/2007 by Michael d’Arcy et al.

HV6432 .S28 2005, Homeland security : a complete guide to understanding, preventing, and surviving terrorism by Mark A. Sauter, James Jay Carafano.

HV6432 .S35 2002, Counter-terrorism and the use of force in international law by Michael N. Schmitt.

HV6432 .S697 2008, Stealth jihad : how radical Islam is subverting America without guns or bombs by Robert Spencer.

HV6432 .T36 2009, U.S. strategy against global terrorism : how it evolved, why it failed, and where it is headed by Andrew T.H. Tan.

HV6432 .T444 2004, Terrorism and counterterrorism : understanding the new security environment : readings & interpretations edited by Russell D. Howard, Reid L. Sawyer.

HV6432 .T446 2005, Terrorism and peacekeeping : new security challenges edited by Volker Franke.

HV6432.5 .Q2 Q34 2005, Al Qaeda now : understanding todays terrorists edited by Karen J. Greenberg.

HV6432.7 .N38 2004, The 9/11 Commission report : final report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks upon the United States. National Commission on Terrorist Attacks upon the United States.

HV6433 .A3553 C65 2005, Battling terrorism in the Horn of Africa by Robert I. Rotberg, editor.

HV6433 .A75 S73 2006, Strategy and security in the Asia-Pacific edited by Robert Ayson and Desmond Ball.

HV6433 .A785 A28 2003, Militant Islam in Southeast Asia : crucible of terror by Zachary Abuza.

HV6433 .A785 T47 2005, Terrorism and violence in Southeast Asia : transnational challenges to states and regional stability by Paul J. Smith, editor.

HV6433 .A7852 J453 2006, The second front : inside Asia’s most dangerous terrorist network by Ken Conboy.

HV6433 .A7852 Q257 2003, Seeds of terror : an eyewitness account of Al-Qaeda’s newest center of operations in Southeast Asia by Maria A. Ressa.

HV6433 .B36 R59 2008, Islamist militancy in Bangladesh : a complex web by Ali Riaz.

HV6433 .I4 S553 2001, Kohima to Kashmir : on the terrorist trail by Prakash Singh.

HV6433 .I5 B37 2004, Indonesia’s struggle : Jemaah Islamiyah and the soul of Islam by Greg Barton.

HV6433 .I72 H34 2007, Suicide bombers in Iraq : the strategy and ideology of martyrdom by Mohammed M. Hafez.

HV6433 .K6 2002, Knowing the terrorists : the Abu Sayyaf study, a joint project of the PPD, J3 and Military Writers Guild Incorporated Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, Philippines. Armed Forces. Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations.

HV6433 .M513 K46 2008, Terreur et martyre. English;Beyond terror and martyrdom : the future of the Middle East by Gilles Kepel, translated by Pascale Ghazaleh.

HV6433 .P18 R36 2003, Gateway to terrorism by Mohammad Amir Rana.

HV6433 .S64 U53 2006, Understanding terrorism in South Asia: beyond statist discourses edited by Imtiaz Ahmed.

HV6433 .S644 S56 2007, The Talibanization of Southeast Asia : losing the war on terror to Islamist extremists by Bilveer Singh.

HV6433 .S645 A38 2003, After Bali : the threat of terrorism in Southeast Asia by editors Kumar Ramakrishna, See Seng Tan,Workshop on After Bali: the Threat of Terrorism in Southeast.

HV6433 .S75 L88 2007, LTTE : in the eyes of Tamil Nadu.

HV6433 .S75 M56 2007, LTTE : the international dimension of terrorism.

HV6768 .L55 2003, Dirty dealing : the untold truth about global money laundering, international crime and terrorism by Peter Lilley.

HV6431 .B737 2007, Breaching the fortress wall : understanding terrorist efforts to overcome defensive technologies by Brian A. Jackson et al.

HV6431 .D64 2007, Understanding terrorist innovation : technology, tactics and global trends by Adam Dolnik.

HV6432 .H663 2008, Homeland security handbook edited by Jack Pinkowski.

HV6433.3 .K45 2007, Bioviolence : preventing biological terror and crime by Barry Kellman.

K5256 .T468352 2008, Terrorisme et droit international = Terrorism and international law edited by Michael J. Glennon, Serge Sur.

KF4850 .C65 2002, Terrorism and the constitution : sacrificing civil liberties in the name of national security by David Cole, James X. Dempsey.

U162 .A3 NO.363 2004, Human rights and counter-terrorism in America’s Asia policy by Rosemary Foot.

U241 .K55 2010, Counterinsurgency by David J. Kilcullen.

U241 .U79 2007, The U.S. Army/Marine Corps counterinsurgency field manual : U.S. Army field manual no. 3-24 : Marine Corps warfighting publication no. 3-33.5, Dept. of the Army.

U413 .A66 Z22 2004, Female suicide bombers by Debra D. Zedalis.

UA830 .A842 2005, Asian security handbook : terrorism and the new security environment by William M. Carpenter and David G. Wiencek, editors.

VE153 .A5, Small wars manual : United States Marine Corps, 1940 by Ronald Schaffer, United States. Marine Corps.

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