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  • Drugs and Criminal Organizations INTERPOL’s primary drug-control role is to identify new drug trafficking trends and criminal organizations operating at the international level and to assist all national and international law enforcement bodies concerned with countering the illicit production, trafficking and abuse of drugs.
  • Corruption The INTERPOL Group of Experts on Corruption (IGEC) aims to develop and implement new initiatives to further law enforcement’s efficiency in the fight against corruption. It is a multi-disciplinary group with members from all regions of the world, coordinating and harmonizing different national and regional approaches. Available at:
  • Money The leading independent authority on news, guidance and analysis on money laundering issues. Available at:
  • Office of National Drug Control Policy: International. “While the bulk of our drug control program is based at home, there are elements of an effective drug control program that can only be pursued abroad. Internationally, we and our allies will attack the power and pocketbook of those international criminal and terrorist organizations that threaten our national security.” — White House Available at:
  • U.S. DEA Drug Enforcement Agency. Available at: