DKI APCSS Military Professor publishes article entitled ‘North Korea Solution, Changed Regime’

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Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies’ Military Professor Col. James M. Minnich recently published an article entitled "North Korea Solution, Changed Regime" in Military Review. Here's an excerpt from the article: An effective changed-regime policy would quickly undertake a series of actions that should eventually align North Korean interests with those of the United States, bringing the entire Korean Peninsula into Washington’s security sphere. At present, Washington’s interests are not Pyongyang’s interests, which is why a changed-regime policy is needed to effect persistent change. America’s chief interest is for Pyongyang to abolish its nuclear weapons and nuclear weapons program. [...]

North Korea Policy: Changed Regime

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“North Korea Policy: Changed Regime” is the latest article published by Military Review by DKI APCSS associate dean and senior military professor Col. James M. Minnich, U.S. Army. According to Minnich, “The denuclearization of North Korea has been a failed policy objective of the United States and South Korea for twenty-five years. Missteps, hubris, and sophistry clutter past approaches to forestall a nuclear-armed North Korea, but they need not portend today’s policy path. Lost opportunities abound, but it is not too late to peacefully eliminate Pyongyang’s burgeoning nuclear arsenal. North Korea’s denuclearization will be a byproduct of a successful engagement policy, [...]

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