Natural Disasters in the Pacific

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The Armed Forces Network recently ran a series on humanitarian assistance and disaster relief (HA/DR) in the U.S. Pacific Command area of responsibility. The story by U.S. Air Force Technical Sgt. Michael Jackson features interviews with experts from the Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies including:  Professor Jessica Ear, Dr. Alfred Oehlers, and Dr. James Campbell. The series highlights the need for careful cooperation between nations to prepared for and minimize the impact of potential disasters. Also featured are Commander of U.S. Pacific Command Admiral Samuel Locklear and Mr. Peter Colvin of the Pacific Disaster Center. Watch the series online now:   [...]

Korea, Papua: Topics of Latest Faculty Articles

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APCSS professors Dr. Steven Kim and Dr. Al Oehlers recently published articles on strategic crossroads and how these can impact the region. “North Korea’s succession: Kim Jong-un faces tough strategic decisions” by Dr. Steven Kim was recently published by the East Asia Forum.  In the article, Kim describes how “The Kim Jong-un regime now stands at a crossroads, and the country’s future depends on whether it looks to the past or to the future in searching for the solutions to its enormous and pressing problems.”   Read More… “Papua: Time for Firm U.S. Stand?” by Dr. Al Oehlers was featured in The Diplomat.  In the article he describes [...]

‘Check-book diplomacy’ in the Pacific: A troubling return?

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“Not long after the ‘truce’ between China and Taiwan, suspending their competitive bidding for diplomatic recognition among Pacific island states, the game has seemingly returned. This time a different cast is at play, revolving around the little-known republic of Abkhazia and alleged Russian financial inducements to win recognition for Abkhazia’s secession from Georgia.” This is an excerpt from a new article by Dr. Al Oehlers printed in a recent edition of the East Asia Forum. In the article, Oehlers discusses the impact of “check-book diplomacy” in the Pacific and asks questions of how this going down this path could ultimately hurt [...]

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