OpEd: Tracking Malaysia’s Force Build-up in the South China Sea

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Dr. Alex Vuving has a new opinion piece entitled "Tracking Malaysia’s Force Build-up in the South China Sea," on cogitASIA, a blog of the CSIS Asia Program. Here's an excerpt from that article: The declining trend in Malaysia’s defense outlay was halted in 2013. That year, Malaysia was shocked when China staged a naval exercise around James Shoal, a 72-foot deep underwater bank lying 55 nautical miles (nm) off the Malaysian Borneo coast. It was also in 2013 that China Coast Guard ships started to anchor at South Luconia Shoal, an oil-rich area lying 70 nm off Borneo. Each of Malaysia’s [...]

OpEd: China and India: The Roots of Hostility

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Dr. Mohan Malik has a new opinion piece entitled “China and India: The Roots of Hostility” by The Diplomat. His article looks at roots of conflict between China and India, which, he states, pre-dates Beijing’s recent acquisition of economic and military power and have deepened in recent years. Malik states: “An understanding of Chinese perceptions of India insofar as they influence policy is important because the present tensions may or may not erupt in a hot war, but will surely make their cold war colder.” Read the full OpEd online at: https://thediplomat.com/2017/09/china-and-india-the-roots-of-hostility/ The views expressed in this article are those of [...]

North Korea Policy: Changed Regime

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“North Korea Policy: Changed Regime” is the latest article published by Military Review by DKI APCSS associate dean and senior military professor Col. James M. Minnich, U.S. Army. According to Minnich, “The denuclearization of North Korea has been a failed policy objective of the United States and South Korea for twenty-five years. Missteps, hubris, and sophistry clutter past approaches to forestall a nuclear-armed North Korea, but they need not portend today’s policy path. Lost opportunities abound, but it is not too late to peacefully eliminate Pyongyang’s burgeoning nuclear arsenal. North Korea’s denuclearization will be a byproduct of a successful engagement policy, [...]

Ensuring Freedom of the Seas for the next U.S. Administration – Cmdr. Jonathan G. Odom

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Commander Jonathan G. Odom, a military professor at the Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies, has a new OpEd published by The National Interest entitled “How Trump Can Make America Navigate Again: How can the next administration ensure freedom of the seas?” In this editorial, Odom provides six concrete steps the new U.S. presidential administration should consider undertaking for a solid strategic plan to ensure access to the world’s oceans remains free and open.  The first priority is to “declare early and clearly that protecting America’s maritime freedom around the world is a priority national interest.” Odom’s other recommended steps [...]

Opinion: Preventing Nuclear War with North Korea – Dr. Van Jackson

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“Preventing Nuclear War with North Korea” by Dr. Van Jackson was recently published by Foreign Affairs magazine. In the article Jackson discusses N. Korea’s fifth and largest missile and nuclear testing.  In the last four years, N. Korea under Kim Jong Un has conducted 35 missile launches and three nuclear tests. According to Jackson, “North Korea’s nuclear program is now more accelerated, less constrained, and more openly linked to its missile program than at any point in its history. Pyongyang is rushing to deploy a nuclear force that can ensure the regime’s survival by guaranteeing that any attempt to replace it [...]

OpEd: Saving the South China Sea Without Starting World War III – Dr. Van Jackson

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In his latest commentary, “Saving the South China Sea Without Starting World War III,” DKI professor Dr. Van Jackson advocates for stronger U.S. maritime leadership in a region marked by increasing tension. Jackson writes, “The opaque, low-information nature of the South China Sea creates a permissive environment for many sources of conflict.  When national governments lack real-time awareness of who is doing what and where in the maritime domain, opportunistic actors like China have the ability to exploit it.” Jackson opines that the South China Sea needs greater operational transparency, and the U.S. is equipped to provide the resources and political [...]

Commentary: South China Sea and Freedom of Navigation – Cmdr. Jonathan G. Odom

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In his latest commentary for The Diplomat, Cmdr. Jonathan G. Odom looks at the freedom of navigation “myth.” Entitled “South China Sea and Freedom of Navigation: Taking a closer look at the freedom of navigation ‘myth’,” Odom uses TV’s “Mythbusters” methodology to identify universal standards and correct four fallacies about the South China Sea and Freedom of Navigation which have recently been promoted in the media. His article breaks down four fallacies about the FON myth including: • Fallacy A: Freedom of navigation is only one particular right, not a set of them. • Fallacy B: FON is something that only [...]

OpEd: FONOPs to Preserve the Right of Innocent Passage? – Cmdr. Jonathan Odom

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U. S. Navy Cmdr. Jonathan Odom has a new OpEd in The Diplomat entitled: "FONOPs to Preserve the Right of Innocent Passage?   Despite popular misconception, that is hardly 'Mission Impossible.'" In the OpEd, Odom looks at the U.S. Freedom of Navigation (FON) program and reviews other recent commentaries on the subject especially in relation to "innocent passage." According to Odom, it is not an "operational impossibility" (as was asserted by another recent commentator) for a U.S. warship to conduct a FONOP challenging an excessive maritime claim, and to exercise the right of innocent passage simultaneously. To the contrary, if depicted as [...]

OpEd: America’s Micronesia Problem – Lt. Col Thomas Matelski

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DKI APCSS professor U.S. Army Lt. Col Thomas Matelski has an OpEd in the latest edition of The Diplomat focused on the implications of not renewing the Compact of Free Association between the Federated States of Micronesia and the U.S. “America’s Micronesia Problem” provides a background on this relationship, how it came about, and outlines possible consequences of this association coming to an end. According to Matelski: “Ending the Compact in 2018 impacts F.S.M. more than it does the U.S. For one thing, Micronesians currently living abroad will lose their immigration status and face a potential loss of federal benefits already [...]

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