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See Fellows’ Handbook for information on our mission, programs, policies.

See calendar for full course schedule. Any additional changes to these dates will be disseminated through this web site. Please contact the Admissions Division with any questions or issues concerning these dates. (see contact information below). Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The Admissions Division is the initial point of contact for representatives from the Asia-Pacific region who are selected to attend the Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies’ (DKI APCSS) courses. The Admissions Division handles all in- and out-processing functions of the Center. The Admissions Division coordinates with the Travel Office and Facilities Department for all travel arrangements, billeting on-island and per diem payments.

Please note: Potential students are not allowed to register themselves into any course without the official endorsement/nomination from country’s Security Cooperation Office (SCO)/Embassy or DKI APCSS registrar.

The DKI APCSS conducts several courses including:

  • Transnational Security Cooperation (TSC) – 1 week
  • Advanced Security Cooperation (ASC) – 5 weeks
  • Comprehensive Security Responses to Terrorism Course (CSRT) – 4 weeks
  • Comprehensive Crisis Management (CCM) – 5 weeks
  • Asia-Pacific Orientation Course (APOC) – 1 week.

Each course is geared toward a specific combination of mid- to senior-level career military officers and civilian government officials of equivalent rank (i.e., from the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, etc.).

Select countries in the Asia-Pacific region are invited to send representatives to the College of Security Studies through the U.S. Embassy in their country. Additionally, the U.S. Government will fully fund representatives from authorized countries to attend DKI APCSS courses.

Select International Organizations/non-Governmental organizations (IOs/NGOs) are now invited to attend DKI APCSS courses. If you are unsure of who to contact at the embassy, please contact the Registrar Branch at (808) 971-4059 or email If you are interested in attending the Center courses, are a resident of one of the Asia-Pacific region countries, and meet qualifications (specified at the course hyperlink above), you should use your chain of command to contact the responsible U.S. Embassy for your country. The Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center does not accept nominations directly from individuals or organizations. All applications must be processed through the responsible U.S. Embassy for your country.

Admissions Divisions

  • Chief – Mr. Thomas Patykula – (808) 971-8906
  • Program Recruiter – Mr. Terry Slattery – (808-971-8951)
  • Administration – Ms. Kaleinani Kaui – (808) 971-8917
  • Registrar Branch – Ms. Pearl Peiler – (808) 971-4059
  • Course Travel Coordinator – (808) 971-8922
  • Branch Fax Number – (808) 971-8920
  • Branch E-mail Address –

Alumni Branch

  • Chief – Mr John Gasner – (808) 971-8981
  • Deputy Chief – Lt. Col Tim Rawson – (808) 564-5092
  • Records Mgr. – (808) 564-5077
  • Branch Fax Number – (808) 971-8920
  • Branch E-mail Address –


Links for More Information

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Admissions Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will I be picked up at the airport?
    Yes. Admissions personnel pick up all off-island Fellows arriving for each DKI APCSS course. Please ensure any last minute flight changes are provided to the Admissions office.
  2. What do I do if I miss my connecting flight?
    Please e-mail, fax or call. All numbers are listed in our handbook. Because it is a weekend, please call or text Mr. Patykula or the Admissions team on their mobile phones. These numbers are also in our handbook.
  3. What is the per-diem rate?
    Please check with the DKI APCSS travel office for the current per diem rate.
  4. Are Fellows authorized excess baggage?
    No, excess baggage is not a reimbursable expense and would be at your own cost.  You may be reimbursed for costs associated with checked baggage that is within the airlines requirements regarding weight and size requirements that are needed for your trip, but in no case no more than two (2) checked pieces of baggage.  Baggage claim check receipts and as well as any receipts reflecting payment for checked baggage is required – without receipts fees for checked baggage cannot be reimbursed.
  5. Can my family attend?
    Yes, but at your own costs.  APCSS is not responsible for any costs associated with family members in connection with their visit, including medical.  
  6. Can my family attend DKI APCSS sponsored functions (trips) away from the Center?
    Family members may attend DKI APCSS sponsored functions on a space-available-basis, but will be required to pay any fees associated with the event, except for transportation, which will be provided by DKI APCSS.
  7. Can I bring golf clubs?
    Yes, but please realize that golf clubs are considered excess or oversized baggage and is not a reimbursable item. 
  8. If my family visits, do they require a visa? What are the procedures?
    Yes, they do need a visa. Please work with the US Embassy of your country. The items required are: forms DS 156, DS 157 and DS 158. They will require, a valid passport, two small photos, and $100 U.S. This process could take up to 90 days prior to their travel, so you should start the Visa processing as soon as possible
  9. Is my family authorized to go the Commissary and BX?
    Family members can only go to the NEX if accompanied by the attending Fellow. Family members are not allowed in the commissary at any time.
  10. When I travel, do I need to keep receipts?
    Yes. Please bring ALL receipts in order to settle your travel claim.
  11. Should I bring any money with me on my travels to the DKI APCSS?
    Yes, Title 10 recipients do not receive any funds until the first day of class. Bring enough money to hold you over for the period from your departure until the start of class.



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