Major Joffre Lander joined the Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies (DKI APCSS) in June 2019. He is currently completing Intermediate Developmental Education as a U.S. Air Force (USAF) Strategic Policy Fellow. He brings to the center a unique background of military mobility logistics, pilot training and evaluation, and U.S. legislation experience.  Maj Lander has operational experience in multiple U.S. operations, exercises and deployments in the Pacific and Middle East.

Maj Lander served as the Legislative Liaison (LL) to Commander, Head Quarters Pacific Air Forces (COMPACAF). As the LL he facilitated meetings, visits and correspondence with Senators, Representatives and U.S. Congress Committees. He crafted talking points and delivered the command’s strategy brief for all Congressional Delegations highlighting PACAF’s fiscal and mission requirements. In conjunction with PACAF Public Affairs, Maj Lander developed and executed a robust local engagement strategy with Hawaii State Legislature, local activist, and community leaders. He facilitated a Hawaii House of Representatives Air Force immersion and capabilities demonstration that secured advocacy for protection of critical training grounds. Prior to LL, he served as COMPACAF’s Executive Officer completing administrative tasks, scheduling, and professional correspondence.

Before joining PACAF, Maj Lander served as C-17A Instructor Pilot (IP) at Hickam Air Force Base. He served in various positions Wing Executive Officer, Chief of Wing Training, and Standards and Evaluations Assistant Flight Commander. As an IP he commanded several missions around the World in support of the President, Exercises, Humanitarian Aid Disaster Relief (HA/DR), Medical Evacuations, and an operational deployment to the Middle East. For his extraordinary professionalism and accomplishments he was awarded Pilot of the Year for 2017.

Prior to Hickam, Maj Lander served as KC-10A Evaluator Pilot at McGuire Air Force Base. He safely commanded over 1000 combat hours over 120 missions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Yemen. Additionally, Maj Lander represented the U.S. Air Force as one of only four KC-10 demonstration pilots. He led planning and flew missions for several exercises and tactical concept testing. Maj Lander fulfilled multiple squadron duties in Commander’s Support Staff, Training, and Operations.

Maj Lander is a graduate of several USAF Professional Military Education Courses: Squadron Officer School, Distinguished Graduate, Air and Space Basic Course, Distinguished Graduate, Global Ready Air Craft Commander’s Course, KC-10 and C-17 Instructor Aircraft Commander Courses. He earned his commission through the Reserve Officer Training Corps at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Prescott AZ with a Bachelor of Science in Meteorology, Magna Cum Laude. While attending Embry he served as Student Government President, Captain of the Wrestling Team, and founded the Sigma Chi fraternity’s Kappa Phi chapter.

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