William A. Wieninger, Ph.D.Dr. Bill Wieninger joined the faculty of the Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies in November 2008, earning his doctorate in philosophy at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec in 2004. He completed his dissertation assessing the effectiveness of nuclear deterrence across the world from 1949-2004 using both quantitative and qualitative methodology. Of note, he has also done extensive background research on civil-military relations in Indonesia. His current research interests include general international relations, weapons of mass destruction proliferation and non-proliferation, Indonesian politics, geopolitics in South Asia, and energy security.

Dr. Wieninger has taught political science and security-related issues at various universities and institutions, including two years at the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado from 1998-2000 and two years at the Defense Nuclear Weapons School in Albuquerque, New Mexico, from 2004-2006, where he was the number one instructor for both years.

During 15 years with the USAF, Dr. Wieninger served in various political-military positions, including staff officer at 13th Air Force for developing security cooperation programs with India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. He also served for two years as the principle Deputy Political Advisor for Air Combat Command, the USAF’s largest Major Command from 2006-2008. In that capacity, Dr. Wieninger provided policy analysis and political perspectives on key political-military issues, including Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty compliance, security developments across the globe, and the growing importance of China.

Dr. Wieninger is an avid soccer player, reader, and world traveler. A native New Yorker, he speaks English, French, and does his best in Indonesian.

Dr. Wieninger’s Publications:

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