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Special Assessment Series

Issues for Engagement – David Fouse, ed. (2010)
The Asia-Pacific and the United States 2004-2005 – Dr. Satu Limaye (ed.) April 2005 Individual Chapters  
Asia’s Bilateral Relations – Dr. Satu Limaye (ed.) October 2004 Individual Chapters Complete Document
Asia’s China Debate – Dr. Satu Limaye (ed.) December 2003 Individual Chapters Complete Document
Asia-Pacific Responses to U.S. Security Policies – Dr. Satu Limaye (ed.) March 2003 Individual Chapters Complete Document

Brief Analytical Reports

Japan’s 2010 National Defense Program Guidelines: Coping with the “Grey Zones – Dr. David Fouse, ed. (2011)
“How Soft Power Works” – Dr. Alexander Vuving (09/09)
“India-China Relations” – Dr. Mohan Malik (06/09)
“Governance in China in 2010” – Elizabeth Van Wie Davis (03/09)
“Still an ’Excellent Relationship: Australian-American Relations in Testing Times”  – William T. Tow (2/08)
Uyghur Muslim Separatism in Xinjiang, China – Dr. Elizabeth Van Wie Davis (1/08)
Japan’s Dispatch of the Ground Self Defense Force to Iraq: Lessons Learned – Dr. David Fouse (7/07)
Ethnic Separatism in Southern Thailand: Kingdom Fraying at the Edge?
Dr. Ian Storey – (3(07)
Spotlight On Indus River Diplomacy: India, Pakistan, And The Baglihar Dam Dispute  – Robert G. Wirsing and Christopher Jasparro – (5/06)
Lukewarm Partner: Chinese Support For U.S. Counter-terrorism in Southeast Asia – Dr. Denny Roy (3/06)
Enhancing Basic Governance: Japan’s Comprehensive Counterterrorism Assistance To Southeast Asia – Dr. David Fouse, Dr. Yoichiro Sato (2/06)
China and the East Asian Summit: More Discord than Accord – Dr. Mohan Malik (2/06)
Taiwan Strait Update: Crisis Deferred – Dr. Denny Roy (2/06)
China and Nuclear Nonproliferation – Dr. Denny Roy (2/06)
ROK’s Nuclear Experiments: A Successful Case of Alliance Management – Dr. Steven Kim (3/05)
Japan’s FY 2005 National Defense Program Outline:  New Concepts, Old Compromises – Dr. David Fouse (3/05)
Pakistan’s Transformation: Why It Will Not (and Need Not) Happen – Dr. Robert G. Wirsing (1/05)
Regional Reverberations from Regime Shake-up in Rangoon – Dr. Mohan Malik (1/05)
Trouble in Thailand’s Muslim South: Separatism, not Global Terrorism – Dr. Anthony L. Smith (12/04)
Civil-Military Integration and Chinese Military Modernization – Mr. Richard Bitzinger (12/04)
Defense Transformation and the Asia Pacific: Implications for Regional Militaries – Mr. Richard Bitzinger (10/04)
Challenges to Transforming Asian-Pacific Militaries – Mr. Richard Bitzinger (10/04)
Indonesia’s April 2004 Parliamentary Elections: Implications for Presidential Elections and Policies – Dr. Anthony L. Smith (7/04)
Malaysia’s 2004 Elections: Mahathir’s Successor Succeeds – Dr. Anthony L. Smith (4/04)
U.S.-Taiwan Arms Sales: The Perils of Doing Business with Friends – Dr. Denny Roy (4/04)
Taipei’s Arms Procurement Dilemma: Implications for Defending Taiwan – Mr. Richard Bitzinger (4/04)
The Asia-Pacific Arms Market: Emerging Capabilities, Emerging Concerns – Mr. Richard Bitzinger (3/04)
China and the Korean Peninsula – Dr. Denny Roy (1/04)
Oceania’s Post – 9/11 Concerns – Dr. Eric Shibuya (11/03)
Japan’s Security Policies During OEF and OIF – Dr. Yoichiro Sato (8/03)
Indonesia’s Aceh Problem:  Measuring  International and Domestic Costs – Dr. Anthony L. Smith (7/03)
Japan Gets Serious About Missile Defense:  North Korean Crisis Pushes Debate – Dr. David Fouse (6/03)
New President on the Block, South Korea’s 2002 Elections – Dr. Seongho Sheen (6/03)
U.S. – Indonesia Relations Searching for Cooperation –  Dr. Anthony L. Smith (5/03)
China’s Pitch for a Multipolar World – Dr. Denny Roy (5/03)
Security in Southeast Asia – Dr. Jim Rolfe (6/02)
Japan Crosses the Rubicon – Dr. John Miller (1/02)
Taiwan 2001 Elections – Dr. Denny Roy (3/02)
China and Southeast Asia  –  Dr. Denny Roy (11/02)

Occasional Paper Series

U.S. Security Policy in South Asia Since 9/11 – Challenges and Implications for the Future – Polly Nayak (2/05)
China’s Rise in Asia – Promises, Prospects and Implications for the United States – Robert G. Sutter (2/05)
The Roots and Implications of East Asian Regionalism – Dr. John Miller (9/04)
Back to the Future: The Congress Party’s Upset Victory in India’s 14th General Elections – Dr. Arun R.Swamy (6/04)
Cross-Strait Economic Relations: Opportunities Outweigh Risks – Dr. Denny Roy (4/04)
The Outlier: Japan Between Asia and the West – Dr. John Miller (3/04)
Japan’s Post-Cold War North Korea Policy – Dr. David Fouse (2/04)
Japan-South Korea Relations:  Slowly lifting the Burden of History? – Dr. Seongho Sheen (10/03)
Stirring Samurai, Disapproving Dragon:  Japan’s Growing Security Activity and Sino-Japan Relations – Dr. Denny Roy (9/03)
Destiny’s Child-Prospects for Megawati  – Dr. Anthony L. Smith (6/03)
Hindu Nationalism-What’s Religion Got To Do With It? – Dr. Arun Swamy (3/03)
Taiwan’s Threat Perceptions: The Enemy Within – Dr. Denny Roy (3/03)
The China Factor In the India-Pakistan Conflict – Dr. Mohan Malik (11/02)
Japan’s Burden of History-Can It Be Lifted?  –  Dr. John Miller (10/02)
Rethinking Education, National Security and Social Stability in China –  Xiong Yonggen (4/01)
Security Policy in Indonesia: By Guess, or By Golly? –  John B. Haseman (1/01)
Low Energy and High Friction:  How Domestic Determinants Shape U.S. National Security Policy in the Asia-Pacific –  Stephen D. Wrage
Reviewing the ASEAN Regional Forum and  its Role in Southeast Asian Security –  Maria Consuelo C. Ortuoste  (2/00)
SLOC Security in the Asia Pacific– Professor Ji Guoxing

Chinese Negotiating Styles: Japan’s Experience – Ambassador Kagechika Matano
Financial Crisis in Korea: Implications for U.S.-Korean Relations – Jin Song (5/98)

Edited Volumes

Ethnic Diasporas & Great Power Strategies in Asia -Robert Wirsing & Rouben Azizan (2007)
Russia, America and Security in the Asia-Pacific Rim – Rouben Azizian (2007)
A Turning Point:  Democratic Consolidation in the ROK and Strategic Readjustment in the US-ROK Alliance – Alexandre Y. Mansourov (Sep. 2005)
Bytes and Bullets: Information Technology Revolution and National Security on the Korean Peninsula – Alexandre Y. Mansourov (Aug. 2005)
Security in Oceania in the 21st Century – Eric Shibuya and Jim Rolfe (2003)
Religious Radicalism and Security in South Asia –   Satu Limaye, Robert Wirsing and Mohan Malik (Spring 2004)
Growth & Governance in Asia –   Yoichiro Sato (2004)
The Asia Pacific: A Region in Transition –   Jim Rolfe (2004)
Domestic Determinants and Security Policy Policy-Making in East Asia –   Satu P. Limaye and Yasuhiro Matsuda (11/2000)


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