From APEC 2011 to APEC 2012: American and Russian Perspectives on Asia-Pacific Security and Cooperation

Complete Volume

Cover, Table of Contents, Foreword and Introduction
Rouben Azizian and Artyom Lukin


Part One: Regional Security Trends and Emerging Issues


Chapter One
Economic Security in the APEC Region: Knowns and Unknowns – Lori Forman

Chapter Two
Climate Change and Environmental Security in the Asia-Pacific Region: A Role for APEC? – J. Scott Hauger

Chapter Three
Russia and Northeast Asia Energy Security – Sergey Sevastianov

Chapter Four
Splitting the Atom and Enhanced Cooperation in Asia: Considering Nuclear Energy in the APEC Region – William Wieninger

Chapter Five
Regional Cooperation on Disaster Management and Health Security: APEC and Comprehensive Regional Strategy – Jessica Ear and James Campbell

Chapter Six
Maritime Security and Arctic Issues: Challenges, Threats, and the Human Factor – Sergey Smirnov 

Chapter Seven
Shifting Ice, Shifting Policies: The Evolution of Ocean Governance in the Arctic – Justin Nankivell and Kerry Lynn Nankivell

Chapter Eight
Education, Economic Growth, and Social Stability: Why the Three Are Inseparable – Miemie Byrd


 Part Two: Major Actors, Evolving Principles and Regional Architecture


Chapter Nine
United States and the Asia-Pacific: Balancing Rhetoric and Action – Rouben Azizian

Chapter Ten
Russia, Japan, and the Asia-Pacific – Viacheslav Amirov

Chapter Eleven
Japan and the Asia-Pacific – Jeffrey W. Hornung

Chapter Twelve
Korean Peninsula: Old Problems and New Challenges – Alexander Vorontsov

Chapter Thirteen
China in the Asia-Pacific in 2040: Alternative Futures – Mohan Malik

Chapter Fourteen
Russia and China: New Trends in Bilateral Relations and Political Cooperation – Victor Larin

Chapter Fifteen
The Russian Far East and the Asia-Pacific: State-Managed Integration – Artyom Lukin and Tamara Troyakova

Chapter Sixteen
The Responsibility to Protect and the Asia-Pacific – Vyacheslav Gavrilov

Chapter Seventeen
What Regional Order for the Asia-Pacific? China’s Rise, Primacy Competition, and Inclusive Leadership – Alexander L. Vuving

Chapter Eighteen
The Emerging Institutional Order in the Asia-Pacific: Opportunities for Russia and Russia-US Relations – Artyom Lukin

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