Special Assessment Series

Asia’s Bilateral Relations


Lieutenant General, U.S. Marine Corps, Retired
President, Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies

Editor’s Note 

Russia-India Relations:
Stability Amidst Strategic Uncertainty
R O U B E N   A Z I Z I A N 

China-Philippines Relations:
Cautious Cooperation
C A R L   B A K E R

India-Iran Relations:
A Deepening Entente
D O N A L D   L.   B E R L I N

Japan-Taiwan Relations:
A Case of Tempered Optimism
D A V I D   F O U S E

India-China Relations:
Giants Stir, Cooperate and Compete
M O H A N   M A L I K

China-Russia Relations:
Can “Bamboo and Pine Trees” Grow Together?
A  L  E  X  A  N  D  R  E      M  A  N  S  O  U  R  O  V

Russia-Japan Relations:
Prisoners of History
J O H N   H.   M L L E R

Australia-New Zealand Relations:
Allies, Friends, Rivals
J I M   R O L F E

China-Japan Relations:
Cooperation Amidst Antagonism
D E N N Y    R O Y 

China-South Korea Relations:
Elder Brother Wins Over Younger Brother
D E N N Y    R O Y

Japan-Australia Relations:
Friends But Not Allies
Y O I C H I R O    S A T O

Australia-Papua New Guinea Relations:
New Pacific Way or Neocolonialism
E R I C    Y.     S H I B U Y A  

Australia-Indonesia Relations
Getting Beyond East Timor
A N T H O N Y    L.   S M I T H  

Malaysia-Singapore Relations:
Never Mind the Rhetoric
A N T H O N Y    L.   S M I T H  

India-Pakistan Relations:
Breaking With the Past?
R O B E R T   G.   W I R S I N G





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