Summaries of Future Conferences

7-9 Feb. 2012, Mumbai, India

Workshop: Securing the Maritime Commons in the Indian Ocean: Exploring US-India Cooperation


–Multilateral, 3 days

–Description: Carefully focused and facilitated, Track 1.5, U.S.-India discussions to build a shared understanding of challenges and opportunities in the Indian Ocean maritime commons.  This workshop will bring together a diverse group of stakeholders and commentators from both countries, representing views including defense, foreign affairs, trade, law enforcement, customs/immigration, and environment.  Participants will identify and prioritize maritime security challenges (e.g., trade transit, critical infrastructure, freedom and safety of navigation, resource security, piracy, transnational crime), opportunities and actors discuss and compare perspectives among workshop participant groups.  The aim of this participant-centered workshop would be to prepare consensus-based workshop findings for participants to take home to share with appropriate senior officials following the conclusion of the workshop.  The workshop is envisioned as the first in a series of focused, APCSS-hosted discussions involving the United States and India on themes related to the maritime commons of the wider Indo-Pacific region.

 7-8 Feb. 2012, Honolulu, APCSS

Workshop : Australia-Japan-U.S. Trilateral Collaboration

–Multilateral, 2 days

–Description: This event will be a Track 1.5 workshop with 10-15 participants from each of the three nations. The workshop is intended to complement but not be a part of on-going Track 1 processes. The topical focus of the workshop is on developing/clarifying ways to enhance tri-lateral security collaboration/cooperation through presentations, small group discussions and plenary integration sessions.  In addition to developing common understanding of what the three nations are currently prioritizing in the realm of tri-lateralism, each nation will be provided an opportunity to present for discussion one specific issue that it feels particularly important for the three nations.  The desired outcome of the workshop will be a set of recommendations on next steps needed to enhance collaboration on select issues of mutual concern for the participants to take back to their governments for consideration.  This workshop offers an additional venue for further developing the working relationship, trust and confidence among key policy staff members responsible for fostering cooperation on those key issues.

  13-16 Mar. 2012, Garmisch, Germany (Marshall Center)

Workshop: Afghanistan and It’s Neighb0rs: The Requirement of Regional Security

–Multilateral, 2 days, Co-Hosted with George C. Marshall Center (GCMC) and Near East South Asia Center (NESA)
–Description: This event will bring together representatives from 13 countries, each with a stake in the future security of Afghanistan and each exercising some influence over security developments there and in the wider region. Participants will discuss the ongoing drawdown of ISAF Forces in Afghanistan, the transfer of responsibility to Afghan security forces and the potential implications for its security and enduring stability.  The participants will examine the pending challenges and develop an understanding of the roles, interests, and concerns of Afghanistan’s neighbors and how the drawdown of coalition forces will affect their respective security.  The conference goal is to develop a better understanding of regional perceptions and issues and their consequences for the entire region following the drawdown of all ISAF Forces currently stationed in Afghanistan.

29 Mar. – 06 Apr. 2012, Beijing, Shanghai, Hainan, China

Workshop:  China-US Security Dialogs

–Track 2 Bilateral, 1-2 days each location

–Description:  Through a series of ‘Track-2’ small group roundtables, objectives are to identify, assess and discuss shared security challenges between U.S. and Chinese academics; foster the growing relationship between APCSS, and Chinese academe and policy making communities; showcase APCSS and explore opportunities for fostering collaboration with Chinese institutions, and help each other understand how to optimize Track Two security dialogues to better inform policy makers.

22-28 Apr. 2012, Harvard, Cambridge, Mass.

Workshop: U.S.- South Asia Leaders Engagement 

 –Multilateral, 6 days

–Description: Co-hosted with The Harvard Kennedy School and the Near East South Asia Center for Strategic Studies (NESA) this program, second in a series, will consist of leading professionals from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and the United States. The invitees will be a select group of government officials, security professionals, academics, think tank representatives and NGO leaders.  The South Asian invitees will largely be alumni of NESA/APCSS and have demonstrated exceptional aptitude for strategic thinking and dialogue.  Such dialog will enhance the stability of the region by broadening the understanding of strategic perspectives, honing policy-making skills, and developing deeper relationships with one another.  The curriculum for this program will concentrate on responding to major disasters – to include planning, crisis action, decision making, and building multi-agency and regional capacity.


(T) 13-15 Jun. 2012, (Tentative) Vietnam

Tentative: Workshop on Health Security: One Health

–Multi lateral, 3 days
–Description: Carefully focused discussions among Lower Mekong Initiative (LMI) national cohort teams and participants from relevant partners, facilitated by recognized U.S. and regional SMEs.  Workshop objective is for participants to appreciate the inter-relatedness of climate change and health within the context of the LMI, including emerging trends in communicable and non-communicable disease, threats to nutritional health, water quality and availability, and other challenges to community public health.   Invitees will include representatives from Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand.


Summer 2012 (TBD), Jakarta, Indonesia

Workshop:  Security Sector Development — Indonesia 

— Bi-Lateral, 5 days
–Description: The workshop objectives are to build on the results of SSD workshops conducted at APCSS over the last two years that succeeded in stimulating development of new Indonesia National Security Act and creation of a National Security Council structure.  Workshop will address USEMB CT interest in extending and integrating the work of the TNI-heavy Core Group from the Honolulu workshops to a wider group of Security Sector actors.  Intended outcomes include:  enhanced Indonesian government and societal awareness of the roles and responsibilities of the security sector in the evolving national and international security environment, improved mutual trust and coordination within and between national security sector entities, especially between military and police, enhanced capacity and expertise on SSD of Indonesian institutions, such as the Indonesian Defense University, and recommended next steps or specific projects for Indonesia’s national security sector development.

11-13 Jul. 2012 (Tentative), Thailand

Workshop: Royal Thai Armed Forces – CTOC Facilitation 

–Bilateral, 3-4 days
–Description: APCSS, in collaboration with Joint United States Military Assistance Group Thailand (JUSMAGTHAI) and the Royal Thai Armed Forces, Counter Terrorism Operations Center (CTOC), will conduct an unclassified security workshop focused on the Thai interagency process as it relates to terrorism.  This is a bilateral Track 1 workshop with expected participation from Thai military and law enforcement, and civilian agencies engaged in countering terrorism.  United States participation will include the APCSS team, and as appropriate, representatives from JUSMAG, USPACOM, AND OSD.  The workshop will enable Thai military and civilian officials to examine and validate their nation’s intra-governmental process for countering and responding to terrorist incidents, and outline a responsive national approach. 

16-18 Jul. 2012 (Tentative), Thailand

Workshop: Combating Terrorism Through Intra-Regional Networks  

–Multilateral /Alumni Focused, 3 Days

–Description: This workshop is designed to build relationships between and among the United States and current and future CbT practitioners of participating countries in order to develop trust, confidence and specific methods necessary for increased information sharing, reduction of obstacles to cooperation in the international collaborative effort against those who use terror to achieve goals.  This event is designed to complement APCSS’ existing CSRT resident course program, but will be held in-region, and aimed at informing specific sub-regional security practitioners and specific communities of interest.  

  7-12 Aug., 2012, Honolulu, APCSS

Workshop: The Environment and Security in the Pacific Island Region: Priority Risks, Challenges, and Actions for a Secure Future

 –Multilateral, 5 days

–Description:  Ongoing processes of climate change will have severe impacts on the fragile environments of many Pacific island nations.  These environmental impacts, in turn, are very likely to hold security implications for these nations, potentially affecting security and stability across the region.  To date, though much discussion has occurred on the broad theme of climate change impacts on the nations of the region and adaptation strategies, there has been relatively little attention on the precise security risks associated with these developments, national and regional capabilities in addressing these, and what concrete actions may be taken over a shorter time horizon in response to these challenges.  This workshop seeks to fill this gap by bringing together senior security practitioners from the Pacific island region to discuss the priority security risks associated with processes of environmental change in the region, the key challenges faced in addressing these risks, and the recommended critical actions that may be taken in response.






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