Lemhannas-APCSS Leadership Development Workshop


1. BRIEF SUMMARY.  A leadership development workshop requested by the Lemhannas National Resilience Institute of Indonesia was hosted by the Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies (APCSS) on 17-18 November 2008 in Honolulu.  The Lemhannas delegation was led by Prof. Dr. Muladi, SH, Governor of the Institute, and also included Major General (Ret.) Albert Inkiriwang, Dr Ardi Partadinata and Ms Cicilia Rusdiharini.  The workshop included roundtable presentations and discussions at APCSS, meetings with the Commander of the US Pacific Command, senior Pacific Command representatives, members of Hawaiian executive government and legislature, members and invited guests at Shidler School of Business, Executive Education Center of University of Hawaii as well as facilitated discussions at APCSS aimed at developing recommended next steps for Lemhannas Institute’s executive education activities.

2.      WORKSHOP OBJECTIVES.  The overall objective of the two days workshop was to assist Lemhannas officials in enhancing the institution’s capacity to provide high quality executive education for Indonesia’s senior military officers, government officials and non-governmental representatives.  This was to be accomplished by:

  • Familiarization with APCSS vision, mission and goals related to in-resident courses and outreach events.
  • Useful exchanges of best practices from various state government and military organizations, as well as academic institutions in Hawaii.
  • Facilitated summary of meetings and “Next Steps” plan development for senior executive education in Indonesia and institutional cooperation with APCSS and other US organizations.
  1. WORKSHOP METHODOLOGY. The workshop included roundtable briefs and discussions, field trips to Honolulu-based organizations – both providers and consumers of executive education, as well as facilitated discussions on Lemhannas Institute’s executive education and institutional collaboration.
  • Lemhannas and APCSS share many common objectives and goals related to executive education as well as follow distinct but complementary educational agendas, approaches and methods.
  • Lemhannas and APCSS will explore opportunities for exchange of lectures and VTC presentations between faculty members as well as course participants.
  • Lemhannas and APCSS agree to assist each other, when possible and appropriate, in recruiting high quality course participants.
  • Lemhannas will consider integrating Lemhannas laboratory for National Resilience Measurement into APCSS Link Portal.
  • University of Hawaii has offered to Lemhannas lectures on corporate governance and national security, collaboration in food and energy resilience as well as a workshop for business continuity planning in disaster management for Indonesia’s local and national governments.
  • Lemhannas will consider leveraging FBI’s mobile training programs on international cyber crime.
  1. FOLLOW-UP STEPS. APCSS and Lemhannas will continue institutional dialogue and contacts for the purpose of implementing identified possible joint activities and exploring new avenues of mutually beneficial collaboration.

2 Responses to Lemhannas-APCSS Leadership Development Workshop

  1. Hendri Arnis says:

    Lemhamnas should be categorized as the No 1 World Class Leadership Univ above or equal as Harvard University

  2. Dr.Bibit Santoso says:

    I am so glad when I read that Lemhannas Ri and APCSS has already built Leadership cooperation in 2012 .Its the new improvement to be a world organization .We have already made Seminar of Counter Terrorism in Lemhannas several years ago ,after I came back from Hawaii cause of some one gave a material to make this and we design as good as possible and its followed by all component of our nation also a lot of staff come from Hawaii and also from mainland . All of Indonesian Apcss Aumnie Assosiation have formed also when I have came back from Hawaii as well and the Chief of IAAA is Air Marshall Dr.Kusnadi Kardi,he is Rector of UPN now and I am is Vice Chief of IAAA. I have got new position now as Professional Expertee of Sosial Culture at Lemhannas RI ,Mahalo from Maygen Ret Dr. Bibit Santoso

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