Growth and Governance in Asia Conference

(12-14 March 2002)


The Growth and Governance in Asia conference was held, 12-14 March 2002, at Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort Hotel to advance theoretically informed discussions on growth and governance in the contemporary Asian contexts from societal, political, and economic points of views, and to address possible paths for improved governance. The first of the four panels identified important security issues originating from or exacerbated by weakness in state governing capacity. The second panel evaluated the relative impact of globalization on domestic political economies of the Asian countries. The third panel reviewed possible links between globalization and the Asian states’ capacity to manage their diverse societies. The fourth panel identified unique challenges of democratization by country. Finally, the concluding roundtable attempted to tie globalization, economic governance, social governance, and political governance together in a coherent analytical framework.


In the Challenges in Governance in Asia Panel, participants tackled the concept of good governance from economic, political, and administrative points of views.






The Globalization and Economic Governance in Asia Panel addressed capital flows, regionally skewed short- and mid-term effects of globalization, and governing capacity of the states.






The Globalization and Political Community in Asia Panel addressed the possible link between globalization and management of diversity.





In the Growth of Civil Society and Democratization in Asia Panel, panelists agreed on an abstract definition of civil society organizations that encompassed their role as an intermediary between the people and the state and their autonomy from the state. Although panelists in general recognized positive contribution of civil society organizations on social stability and economic growth, cautions were offered from three perspectives.