• Advanced Security Cooperation (ASC) and Comprehensive Crisis Management (CCM) has been integrated into the
    the new Comprehensive Security Course

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The Fellow’s Project

Organizational projects that are initiated at the Center and completed upon each Fellow’s return home. Each Fellow devises a project that analyzes a pertinent issue and for which he/she then offers a feasible, implementable solution.

Successful Fellow’s Project Examples:

  • Improve coordination between the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Foreign Service Institute in foreign policy formulation.
  • Increase civilian participation in defense strategic planning at the Ministry of Defense.
  • Develop effective interagency coordination processes to respond to major natural disasters.
  • Enhance ASEAN mil-mil cooperation in disaster response.
  • Promotion of diversity in defense department planning.
  • Develop international cooperative mechanisms to countering piracy in the Gulf of Aden.