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The Comprehensive Security Cooperation (CSC) course is a 5-week in-resident executive program offered three times a year for mid-level military, government and non-government professionals who intersect with the security sphere.

Fellows spend two-thirds of their time on cross-cutting complex transdisciplinary and transboundary challenges (Core), and one-third on specialty security content that deep-dive into priority concerns (Tracks).

The resulting cross-talk fosters relationships and networks between different security sectors.

In parallel with presentations, discussions, and gray-zone exercises, Fellows assess security environments, identify disruptors, analyze threat systems, and probe governance issues while collaboratively building relationships and mutual understanding.

Throughout the course, Fellows work on developing resilient solutions to real organizational and even regional security issues. These complimentary processes enhance the capacity of regional allies, partners and others to comprehend and cooperatively address complex security challenges in the Indo-Pacific region thereby advancing freedom, openness, prosperity, good governance, rules-based order, and a Free and Open Indo-Pacific.

Assuming COVID travel restrictions abate by spring of 2022, the following tracks for in-resident CSC courses are planned:

  • 2022 Feb-Mar: Counter-Terrorism, Maritime Security, Economic Security
  • 2022 May-Jun: Crisis Management, Cybersecurity
  • 2022 Sep-Oct: Counter-Terrorism, Maritime Security, Economic Security
  • Every CSC: Strategic Studies
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