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This course provides CbT security practitioners in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as other designated countries around the world, the operational and strategic-level skills necessary to enhance their ability to understand and combat terrorism and transnational threats. Through faculty lectures, guest speaker presentations, real-world case studies, seminar discussions and tailored exercise scenarios, CSRT Fellows explore the nature of today’s terrorist threats, better appreciate the challenges associated with countering ideological support for terrorism and violent extremism, achieve a more common understanding of global and regional terrorism challenges, analyze tools and capabilities for combating terrorism and transnational threats in order to promote appropriate strategies. The CSRT course is designed to build relationships between and among the United States and current and future CbT practitioners of participating countries in order to develop trust, confidence and specific methods necessary for increased information sharing, reduction of obstacles to cooperation in the international collaborative effort against those who use terror to achieve goals. The curriculum focuses on the non-warfighting aspects of security and is divided as follows: Understanding; Framing and Assessing the Challenge; Formulating Responses to the Challenge; and Strategy Application. After leaving the Center, CSRT graduates are able to continue their collaborative efforts through IT/ET enabled portal connectivity.