Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, DKI APCSS has postponed or cancelled all courses and workshops for the next few months. However, the DKI APCSS team has been working to maintain connections with our alumni and partners in the Region via the virtual domain.

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Ensuring the resilience of a nation’s critical infrastructure sectors such as energy, transportation, banking, healthcare, and communications in cyberspace is a shared interest among many, interdependent stakeholders on different levels. Although the state is the ultimate arbiter of national security, private sector ownership of critical infrastructure facilities and networks requires both the public and private sectors to work together to defend, protect, and preserve the integrity of their operations in/through cyberspace. In a federal structure such as the United States, responsibility may also overlap between the federal and state governments. Additionally, technology innovators play an important role in “designing in” security to ensure critical infrastructure functions remain resilient against attacks in cyberspace. Further, the multi-jurisdictional reality of data transfer and storage, network operations, and international presence of large multinational companies (e.g. the banking and technology sectors) means that critical infrastructure resilience is necessary across geographical borders.

A cooperative security approach is therefore crucial to ensuring critical infrastructure remains resilient against attacks in cyberspace. Yet, these different, interdependent stakeholders – public and private, individual and institutional, national and international – bring with them interests that at once vary and converge. This, in turn, results in a landscape that can be both competitive and cooperative. In light of still evolving norms and rules in cyberspace, effective cooperation premised upon trust and confidence among as many stakeholders as possible is essential.

Workshops are by invitation only.