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Announcing the Indo-Pacific Orientation Course (IPOC) 21-2 commencing  Nov. 15 to Nov. 19, 2021. This course is a hybrid, executive education experience offered in-resident or online. IPOC prepares security practitioners from U.S. and partner nations to knowledgeably engage in cooperative security efforts that build capacity to advance a free and open Indo-Pacific. View/Download Course Description

IPOC Candidate Requirements

  • Must participate in the full 40-hour program
  • U.S. and international mid-career to senior-level officials in grades O4-O8, CW3-CW5, E9, GS12-SES, FSO 01-03, and equivalents
  • Current position involves operating or decision-making in international or inter-governmental settings relevant to the Indo-Pacific
  • Participants are selected by an external nomination process

Self-nomination Opportunities

  • Submit a brief biography and justification statement on how IPOC will contribute to shared understandings, capacity building, and the expansion of your security cooperation network.
  • Identify whether you would attend in-resident or online.
  • Submissions are welcomed by Sep. 15, 2021 to our Center’s Program Recruiter, Terry Slattery at slatteryt@apcss.org.
  • Our IPOC Course Manager will make a best-qualified determination by Oct. 8, 2021.

If DoD Force Health Guidance necessitates the physical distancing of participants, the course will be executed in HyFlex with a mix of in-resident and online participants: in-resident designated participants will be 3-days in the Center and 2-days online, while online designated participants will be 5-days online.