By: Oratile Adumeleng (CSRT 19-1)

The economy is reliant mostly on diamonds and tourism, but at the moment, the tourism industry is halted till further notice. Tourists have cancelled bookings and safari and wilderness businesses are winding down with staff is being retrenched due to low returns. The largest consumers of Botswana rough diamonds are US, India and China and these countries have been seriously hit by corona virus. The profits made by the diamond industry are now directed to fighting corona virus and other planned developments are being halted until the situation is under control. Currently, some of our borders are closed to inhibit the corona virus from entering our country. Thus some foreigners use ungazetted points to enter the country thereby exposing us to the virus as they are not tested upon official entry. Terrorists might see this as an opportunity to radicalize and cause more damage to the nation. This virus calls for collaboration of nations and continents as all are affected the same way. Together we can fight a good battle. ‘Remember that we can and we will make a difference, we just have to try’, wise words by Pete Gumataotao