Response to COVID-19 in South Asia

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By: Binoj Basnyat (ASC 11-2) The world has become more unpredictable with the COVID-19 pandemic and the losses it is causing. Nation states focus on their measures and regional intergovernmental organizations look for collective efforts while the World Health Organization vigorously works to provide answers. Whether interagency, political level of governance, bilateral, multilateral or global; rapid action and cooperation and coordination are the key to tackle and control COVID-19. Indian PM Modi asked the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) to face the pandemic challenge. The SAARC leaders’ virtual interaction provided information on measures and internal preparedness as well as [...]

One Word from Nepal

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BG (R) Suresh Sharma (EC 06-3) At this moment all citizen of world are in panic, as continue to great chaos arise in the hard hit places of earth due to the Covid- 19. It is an unprecedented natural disaster. Nepal lies between two biggest populations of the world is also definitely in a fear that it may not spare us at one time later. Nepal is thankful that it is controlled in Wuhan but much concerned for the unchecked outbreak in new countries, new cases in India and more crises in Italy, Spain US and others. The nights and days [...]

Cooperation and Collaboration Amidst the Crisis – Nepal

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By: HK Shrestha The Covid-19 pandemic has defied national boundaries and has vindicated our shared vulnerability to this new phenomenon. It has underscored the imperative need to redouble concerted efforts at every level - national, regional, and international level to defeat the disease. In my mind, multilateralism is key for unleashing synergetic actions to overcome the current crisis. The pandemic has amply brought home the necessity to revisit the narrative of regional and international security. Equally critical is the imminent fallout in the aftermath of the pandemic, which the New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman has rightly termed as After Corona [...]


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There was one case traced infected COVID-19 and  as of now no cases identified but government is taking serious action to make aware public and adopting preventive measures as prescribed by the WHO. Beside my Bde commander job, I am engaged in crisis management as an Admin Registrar in our military hospital and facilitating all medics/Drs and concerns on implementing preventive measures as instructed by the government.  So far, we are safe and doing our level best from government level and of course as an organization, Nepali Army is taking lead and preparing to deal with the situation due to COVID-19. Lets hope [...]