India Leading International HADR Cooperation in South Asia

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“India Leading International HADR Cooperation in South Asia,” is the title of a paper by Dr. Deon Canyon for Security Nexus. This article emphasizes the need for India to continue developing more robust internal processes, improve inter-agency and inter-ministry cooperation, and engage more holistically with stakeholders, including civil society, as a provider in humanitarian assistance and disaster relief. Summary Fueled by stable economic growth, India is stepping up as a provider of international humanitarian assistance and disaster relief in South Asia and beyond. This includes supporting multilateral endeavors, resourcing and innovating sub-regional efforts, and continuing to expand bilateral engagements. As [...]

New OpEd on India and its Neighbors by Shyam Tekwani

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“India’s bullying of its neighbours boosted China. Now it needs to build a strong backyard.” DKI APCSS Professor Shyam Tekwani writes for the South China Morning Post. The opinion piece states that: “after facilitating China’s expansionist goals by treating nearby countries badly, India needs to demonstrate good neighbourliness to realise its global potential. According to Tekwani, India needs to “to build the strong and prosperous backyard it needs to realise its own potential to become an influential voice in global decision-making.” Read the full article The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do [...]

China’s Salami Slicing Tactics and the Latest India-China Border Standoff

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“China’s Salami Slicing Tactics and the Latest India-China Border Standoff” is a new paper by DKI APCSS professor Dr. Srini Sitaraman for Security Nexus. In this OpEd, Sitaraman discusses India’s strategy for dealing with the increasing border incursions committed by China while minimalizing the effects of COVID-19 and what is required for de-escalation. Excerpt: At its heart, the People’s Republic of China is a territorially revisionist, expansionist, and hegemonic state and it will not stop until it achieves the goals of capturing all of the land and sea areas over which it believes it has “historic rights.” Beijing has particularly turned [...]

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