Ships Become Dangerous Places During a Pandemic

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“Ships Become Dangerous Places During a Pandemic” is a new paper authored by Wade Turvold and Jim McMullin for Security Nexus. In this paper, they illustrate the difficulties of life aboard ocean-going vessels and cite historic cases of how onboard ventilation systems and close-quarters living conditions have contributed to the spread of contagious diseases, including COVID-19. Excerpt: “Due to their unique features, ships become particularly dangerous places during times of pandemic. The outbreaks in the USS Leviathan and the MV Diamond Princess both point to the same lesson. Ships with their characteristically crowded conditions, small spaces, and poor ventilation increase the transmission [...]

Kimberly B. McCann

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Captain McCann joined the Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies in March 2019 as a Military Professor. A native of Lubbock, Texas, Captain McCann graduated in 1998 with a Juris Doctor and Master of Business Administration from Texas Tech University and School of Law and is a member of the Texas Bar. She was commissioned in 1999 and shortly thereafter completed the Basic Lawyer Class at Naval Justice School. In 2017, she earned a Master of Laws in National Security Law (with distinction) from Georgetown University Law Center. Captain McCann’s staff and operational experience includes Staff Judge [...]

The Rise of the Small Boats is the latest DKI APCSS Analytical Report

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How terrorists use the sea is the topic of the latest analytical report by Lt. Col. Alex Carter, U.S. Army, and DKI APCSS alumnus Captain Damian Fernando, Sri Lankan Navy. In their paper, Carter and Fernando share the case study of how Sri Lankan has dealt with this maritime challenge.  Looking back to Sri Lanka’s civil war, their navy developed the Small Boat program to combat LTTE Sea Tigers.  Special Boat Squadrons were used to conduct reconnaissance and surveillance inside LTTE-held territories.  Rapid Action Boat Squadrons then began using swarm tactics to engage in combat operations. According to the authors, “A [...]

Peter A. Gumataotao

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Rear Admiral (Ret) Pete Gumataotao is a native of Guam and currently serving as the Director, Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies (DKI APCSS). He is a 1981 graduate of the United States Naval Academy and earned his Master of Arts degree in National Security Strategic Studies from the U.S. Naval War College in 1994. Pete has extensive experience operating globally during 37 years of active duty service, including eight years as a U.S. Navy flag officer. In addition to undertaking eleven deployments conducting defense and security exercises, he served in senior leadership positions to include [...]

Richard F. Sears

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Dick Sears joined the Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies (DKI APCSS) in July 2002 and serves as the Dean of Admissions & Business Operations. His responsibilities at the Center encompass all business operations to include finance, personnel, information management systems, infrastructure, global workshops/engagements, the Research library and all aspects of participant admissions to the College of Security Studies. His principle activities at the Center are focused on the transformation of operations to support DKI APCSS long-term strategic plan. Mr. Sears previously served as the Chairman of the Department of Transnational Studies in the College of [...]

Carleton R. Cramer

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Carleton R. Cramer joined the Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies in 2004 as a military faculty member.  In 2007, Mr. Cramer retired from the Judge Advocate General’s Corps, United States Navy.  During 2007 he served as a civilian faculty member focusing on international law, counter terrorism and maritime security.  In August 2013, he assumed his current position as Dean, College of Security Studies. Mr. Cramer completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1979 at the University of California, Santa Barbara, with majors in history and political science and a minor in economics.  In 1982, he earned his Juris [...]

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