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Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies is an institution that provides a forum where military and civilian leaders from the Indo-Pacific gather to address regional and global security.

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A free, open access, international, peer-reviewed, online publication for DKI APCSS faculty and alumni.


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The initial point of contact for representatives who are selected to attend DKI APCSS courses.

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The Alumni Program provides a forum for former graduates and faculty to maintain contact with the Center and with each other.

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Multilateral forums of subject matter experts who will produce actionable outcomes to meet the very focused objectives of the specific regional security topic.

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Upcoming DKI APCSS Events and Courses.

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DKI APCSS and Women, Peace, and Security

DKI APCSSS gender inclusive strategies in response to evolving national and transnational threats.

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Latest News

Another Strategic Error from Myanmar’s Military Junta

On Monday morning (July 25, 2022), Myanmar’s military junta released the news that they executed four political prisoners who were leaders in the movement for democracy. Social media went into over-drive expressing outrage, sorrow, and defiance against the military junta. Domestically and internationally, communities swiftly condemned the unjust execution of the democracy movement leaders.  

Ms. Eun Jung Yi Inspires the Graduates of CSC 22-2 

Aloha everyone. What a gorgeous day to graduate. My name is Eun Jung Yi, and it is a great honour to be up here speaking to you on behalf of CSC-22. I am honored to share this day with you, a day that represents the culmination of an enormous amount of hard work, friendship, and - I dare to say - love.  

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College of Security Studies