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Reading Lists by Service

  • Chairman of the Joint Chiefs’ (JCS) Professional Reading List
    • “This reading list has been constructed to support the renewal of our commitment to our Profession of Arms and the development of Joint Force 2020. The books selected capture the values and ethos of our military profession, promote innovative thinking to prepare for the operational realities of an uncertain future, and provide insights into the foundations of our service cultures.”
  • U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff’s Professional Reading List
    • “To develop a common frame of reference among Air Force members — officers, enlisted, and civilians — to help each of us become better, more effective advocates of air and space power.”
    • “Ultimately, each selection for 2015 tells an important story about the Profession of Arms or our Air Force Core Values.”
  • U.S. Army Chief of Staff Professional Reading List
    • “The books included in this list offer entry points into the many publications available regarding military art and science. They are provided as selected works that can help Soldiers, [DOA] Civilians, and anyone interested in the Army to learn more about the Army profession and to sharpen their knowledge of the Army’s long and distinguished history, as well as the decisive role played by land power in conflicts across the centuries.”
    • “A sustained personal commitment to critical study of a wide range of readings constitutes an essential professional responsibility for members of the Army profession. The U.S. Army today confronts extraordinary complexity in the strategic environment with new and emerging missions competing with core warfighting requirements to challenge Army professionals. This reading list is intended to serve as a guide to the many topics worthy of professional consideration, contemplation, and serious discussion.”
  • U. S. Navy Chief of Operations Professional Reading Program
    • “The CNO PRP encourages a lifelong habit of reading and learning for all Sailors.  Reading, discussing, and understanding the ideas found in the CNO PRP will not only improve our critical thinking skills, but will also help us become better Sailors, citizens, and most importantly, leaders.”
  • USPACOM Commander’s Reading List
    • “This list is a selection of good books… that tries to reflect the breadth and depth of issues that cover what we all do at United States Pacific Command (USPACOM).”
  • U.S. Coast Guard Commandant’s Reading List
    • “The Coast Guard Reading List provides recommended books related to leadership, Coast Guard history and culture, and contemporary issues.”
    • “The reading list provides a tool for individual professional growth, taking into account that responsibility for professional development rests simultaneously on each individual, his or her unit, and our service.”
  • USSOCOM Commander’s Reading List (Joint Special Operations University Library)

Other Reading Lists

  • Combat Studies Institute. Books for the Military Professional.  Fort Leavenworth, KS: CSI, 1995.
    • “The Combat Studies Institute (CSI) of the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College has prepared this list of books. The intention is to help members of the profession of arms grow professionally and personally by providing this key to information, insights, and collective wisdom.”
  • Berlin, Robert H. Military Classics. Fort Leavenworth, KS: U.S. Army Command and General Staff College, 1988.