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When planning to use maps as part of a presentation or within a research paper, it is required that proper credit be given. Most of the map collections have information sections with permission guidelines. Please read the information regarding use of maps on each web site.

General Map Resources

Topic Maps & Charts

The Asia Pacific and Hawaii editions of the Atlas can be accessed via the links in the gray bar located near the top of the Global Edition webpage. 

    • Asia Pacific Edition.
    • Hawaii Edition. A focused regional atlas, contains highly detailed information for the State of Hawaii. Building on the capture of historical and near-real-time hazards, local observations and forecasts such as Doppler radar and wind and temperature forecasts are added.
  • ReliefWeb – ReliefWeb is the UN global hub for time-critical humanitarian information on Complex Emergencies and Natural Disasters.
  • Reuters Alertnet.Org Interactive Map Service – Select by conflict, disaster, health, etc.
  • Rising Powers – Rising Powers: The New Global Reality is a Stanley Foundation project designed to raise awareness, motivate new thinking, and ultimately improve US foreign policy regarding this global transformation. Interactive map leads to information on Nuclear nonproliferation, energy, global institutions, and powerful nonstate actors.
  • South China Sea map
    Map from the University of Texas Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection highlighting Paracel and Spratley Islands.
  • Strategic Asia Mapping Database – NBR’s newly developed data-driven military mapping feature tracks current Asian military developments, including the location of military assets, international exercises, and peacekeeping operations. Currently, maps have been generated for Chinese and Japanese forces and more Asian countries will be added in the future.
  • Top Trends of 2014World Economic Forum’s Outlook on the Global Agenda
  • Transparency Corruption Perceptions Index
  • United Nations Cartographic Section
  • U.S. Unified Command Map – (Dec. 2008)World with U.S. Commanders’ Areas of ResponsibilityProduced by Dept. Of Defense
  •  World Bank.Org Country Snapshots – Includes regional income levels. .
  • World Data Report 2011 Conflict Database Visualizer
    Previously, information about conflict was dispersed. The WDR team has brought it together in a single database covering civil war, homicides, terrorism, and trafficking, as well as socio-economic, demographic and political data – more than 300 variables in one place available online.
  • Women and Girls on the Map Women and Girls on the Map has been created by the Gender and Disaster Network, the Huairou Commission, Northumbria University (UK), OXFAM, and Plan International, with support from UNISDR. The interactive process allows visitors to the IDDR 2012 website to submit reports and news stories that are then highlighted on a map that shows the spread of activities by women and girls around the world. Each highlight is a popup that links directly to the featured item.
  • World Bank eAtlas of Gender
    Interactive electronic atlas, allows users to map and graph dozens of gender-related indicators-including wages and earnings, mean age at first marriage, maternal leave benefits, school enrolment rates, violence against women and more-over time and across countries. It allows users to see how a country fares on several dimensions of well-being and empowerment. Simply click on an indicator after a keyword search and a world map appears, showing the latest data for more than 200 economies.
  • World Health Organization Public Health Mapping and GIS Map Library
    The GHO map gallery includes an extensive list of maps on major health topics. Maps are classified by themes, and can be further searched by keyword.
  • World Map of Languages
  • World Oil Transit Chokepoints – Location and data on strategic choke points.