Religious Radicalism and Security in South Asia     


               COMPLETE BOOK  

c h  1      Introduction: Religion, Radicalism, and Security in South Asia
                R O B E R T   G.   W I R S I N G  

c h  2      Origins and Growth Patterns of Islamic Organizations in Pakistan
                M O H A M  M A D    W A S E E M    

c h 3       Islamic Resurgence in Bangladesh: Genesis, Dynamics and Implications
                T A J   I .   H A S H M I  

c h 4       Ideology, Organization and Electoral Strategy of Hindu Nationalism: What’s Religion Got to Do with It
                A R  U N   R.    S W A M Y  

c h 5       Madrassa Education in Pakistan and Bangladesh
                M U M T A Z   A H M A D       

c h  6      Reforming the Indian Madrassas: Contemporary Muslim Voices
                Y O G I N D E R    S I K A N D     

c h 7       Pakistan’s Secretarian Violence: Between the “Arabist Shift” and Indo-Persian Culture
                S U R O O S H     I R F A N I    

c h 8       Ethnic Separatism and Insurgency in Kashmir
                S U R I N D E R     S I N G H     O B E R O I   

c h  9      Dangerous Liasons: Hindu Nationalism and Buddhist Radicalism in Ladakh
                M A R T  I  J N    V A N    B E E  K  

c h 10     Ethnicity, Ideology and Religion: Separatist Movements in India’s Northeast
                S U B I R     B H A U M I K     

c h 11     Ethnicity and the Rise of Religious Radicalism: The Security Scenario in Contemporay Northeastern India
                S A M I R    K U M A R   D A S     

c h 12     America’s War on Terrorism: Religious Radicalism and Nuclear Confrontation in South Asia
                R O D N E Y   W.    J O N E S     

c h  13    The Stability of Nuclear Deterrence in South Asia: The Clash between State and Anti-state Actors
                M O H A N     M A L I K        

c h  14    Pakistan’s Terrorism Dilemma
                 H U S A I N     H A Q Q A N I    

c h 15     Religious Radicalism and State Policies of Democratic Governance and Human Rights
                R A V I     N A I R        

 c h 16    The Creation and Development of Pakistan’s Anti-terrorism Regime, 1997-2002
                 C H A R L E  S    H.    K E N N E D Y   

 c h 17    Religious Extremism and Nationalism in Bangladesh
                B E R T I L    L I N T N E R    

 c h 18    Religious Radicalism and Minorities in South Asia
                R A D H A    K U M A R      

c h 19     Islamic Radicalism and Minorities in Pakistan
                R A S U L     B A K H S H     R A I S        

c h  20    Religion, Politics and Security: The Case of Bangladesh
                A M E N A    A.    M O H S I N        

c h  21    Security in Times of Hindutva?
                N E E R A     C H A N D H O K E


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