Special Assesment Series

Asia’s China Debate 

H . C . S T A C K P O L E
Lieutenant General, U.S. Marine Corps, Retired; President, Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies

Editor’s Note
S A T U   P.  L I M A Y E

The Weight of the Past: East Asia’s China Debate
J O H N   M I L L E R

Welcome in Asia: China’s Multilateral Presence
J I M   R O L F E

Mixed Feelings: East Asia’s Debate about China’s Growth and Regional Integration
Y O I C H I R O   S A T O

Paved with Good Intentions? China’s Regional Road and Rail Connections
C H R I S T O P H E R   J A S P A R R O

Banking on a Constructive China: Australia’s China Debate
A N T H O N Y   L .  S M I T H

Eyeing the Dragon: India’s China Debate
M O H A N   M A L I K

From Latent Threat to Possible Partner: Indonesia’s China Debate
A N T H O N Y   L .  S M I T H

History as a Mirror, the Future as a Window: Japan’s China Debate
D A V I D   F O U S E

Giving Lip Service with an Attitude: North Korea’s China Debate
A L E X A N D R E   Y .   M A N S O U R O V

“The Enemy of My Enemy”: Pakistan’s China Debate
R O B E R T   G .  W I R S I N G

The Optimists Have the Lead, for Now: Russia’s China Debate
R O U B E N   A Z I Z I A N

Tilting toward the Dragon: South Korea’s China Debate
S E O N G H O   S H E E N

Returning Home or Selling Out? Taiwan’s China Debate
D E N N Y   R O Y

Bangkok’s Fine Balance: Thailand’s China Debate
B R A D L E Y   M A T H E W S

A Paper Tiger No More? The U.S. Debate over China’s Military Modernization
R I C H A R D   A.   B I T Z I N G E R

Weighting for China, Counting on the United States: Asia’s China Debate and U.S. Interests
S A T U   P.   L I M A Y E




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