Emergency Preparedness and Risk Reduction Workshop

Mongolia Partnered Outreach Internal Report

11 – 14 March 2008

Background. The Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies (APCSS) is a U.S. Department of Defense academic institute addressing regional and global security issues through executive education programs.  The mission of APCSS is to educate, connect, and empower security practitioners to advance Asia-Pacific security.

Outreach Objectives.  The objectives of the workshop were to better understand how a high-level government coordination and advisory body, such as NEMA, coordinates and synchronizes appropriate steps on the part of the government of Mongolia to build national disaster resiliency while reducing risk; and in the event of disaster, manages relief and humanitarian-assistance efforts conducted by the whole of government, international organizations and registered non governmental organizations.

Results.  The workshop increased and enhanced interagency communication, cooperation, and collaboration among Mongolia’s government agencies.  The workshop also built capacity for improving disaster resiliency, establishing a disaster fund and informational database, reducing the risk of disaster in the energy sector, and providing the basis for proper development of disaster preparedness plans.

Survey Analysis. The following synopsis is taken from the survey responses provided by the participants of the Mongolian HA/DR outreach.


  • The workshop provided an understanding and effective means of communicating, cooperating, and collaborating among government agencies.
    • Workshop emphasized the need to coordinate activities and helped agencies identify the means to promote communication, cooperation, and collaboration to accomplish this.


  • The workshop effectively helped to build Mongolia’s disaster resiliency.
    • Participants planned activities and develop recommendations to improve their disaster preparedness capacity.
    • Implementation will be an important step in risk reduction of potential disasters
  • The workshop identified the need for a disaster protection fund and information system.
    • Participants see that economic environment has to be integrated into a good disaster management plan.
    • Establishing a disaster information database and protection fund are recognized as required steps ahead.
  • Participants plan to take measures to reduce the risk of disaster in the energy sector.
    • They will work to coordinate the rules and procedures in the energy sector other sectors.
    • Revisions to laws and standards in the energy sector will reduce the risk of disasters.
  • Participants plan to develop and update their agencies’ disaster preparedness plans
    • Workshop recommendations will help develop/revise more effective plans for dealing with disasters.

Contact Information.  For more information, please contact Assessment and Evaluation at (808) 971-8911 or email mcdonaldd@apcss.org.


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