While attending APCSS courses, Fellows are required to complete a Fellows Project which may be done as a presentation, research paper or policy brief. APCSS is now making these papers available on line with our new “Alumni Perspectives” publications.

“Cost-effective Maritime Security Cooperation Against Piracy in the Somali Region,” is a paper by a recent graduate of the Advanced Security Cooperation course (ASC 15-1) Cmdr. Zeeshan Kareem, who serves with the Pakistani Navy. Kareem addresses current international efforts to combat piracy in sea lanes off the Horn of Africa. He explains that Somali Piracy has cost nations and companies billions of dollars over the years, including  ore than $1 billion in 2013 alone. His paper advocates for continued international collaboration, in both military and non-military terms, despite a lessening of piracy since 2012. “Cost-effective Maritime Security Cooperation Against Piracy in the Somali Region,” is now available online at this link: Click Here.




The views expressed in this paper are the authors’ and not necessarily the views of APCSS, U.S. Pacific Command or the U.S. Government.

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One Response to Alumni Perspectives: Cost-effective Maritime Security Cooperation Against Piracy in the Somali Region

  1. Pradeep Kumar says:

    Cmdr. Zeeshan Kareem, please accept my compliments for providing insight to a lesser known area of International cooperation which directly not affect our routine life but certainly has multidimensional impacts. Details of international cooperation activities and glimpse of indirect and direct causes of spread of Somalian piracy provides wider prospective and measures to handle the issue.

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